Favourite Bethesda RPG (Poll)

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#51 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

Every quest and local in Fallout 3 is unique and interesting, whereas the Elder Scrolls games suffer from quests that all begin to feel exactly alike. Skyrim has way more quests than Fallout 3 but they were mostly far less interesting. I like the post apocalyptic setting more and quality over quantity. So I go with Fallout 3.

#52 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -
@Trains said:

@SeriouslyNow: *sigh*

Read my first comment.

Sorry, I missed that. Carry on.
#53 Posted by Gildo (12 posts) -

Morrowind. Best WRPG I have ever played it had tons of freedom and you really needed to build your character unlike in oblivion and skyrim. Don't get me wrong oblivion and skyrim are ok but they're shit and retarded compared to morrowind. I truly missed it when majority of the games didn't hold your hand *cough* map markers, unkillable NPCs, fast travel *cough* sigh w/e MORROWIND 4 LIFE!

#54 Posted by Gildo (12 posts) -

@upwarDBound said:

I love Skyrim but the whole time I'm playing it I wish there was a total conversion mod for Morrowind using Skyrim's engine.

That would ruin morrowind man!

#55 Posted by Trains (173 posts) -

@Gildo: Dude I think you're more in love with the nostalgia than the game itself.

#56 Posted by Gildo (12 posts) -

@Trains: lol no I actually played oblivion before I was able to play morrowind nostalgia has nothing to do with it man.

#57 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

Skyrim was awesome.

#58 Posted by MoseSSesoM (236 posts) -

Of the list Fallout New Vegas is the best up there, but of games that are really from Bethesda....Oblivion.

#59 Posted by Wasara88 (338 posts) -

Morrowind. It blew my mind. One of the pivotal games in my life as a gamer. Though i thoroughly enjoy everyone of those games.

#60 Posted by Tamaster92 (290 posts) -

Having n

#61 Posted by Tamaster92 (290 posts) -

Having not played Morriwind yet I can't say anything about it, but out of the others it has to be fallout 3 for me. I don't know quite why but something in that game clicked with me and it was just perfect. I bought it on 360, ps3 and pc

#62 Edited by BoOzak (1044 posts) -

Morrowind, As much as I like Skyrim and Fallout 3 (they're much better mechanicly speaking) the world of Morrowind felt much more unique. I also enjoyed the way that game handled enchanting and spellcrafting. (not to mention it was their last game that actually felt like it was catered to the PC)

#63 Posted by BlackLagoon (1731 posts) -

@JasonR86 said:

You missed a few. Daggerfall fans are going to kill you.

The Daggerfall fans are still trying to find their way out of the dungeons without falling through the floor, so I wouldn't worry.

#64 Posted by Asurastrike (2251 posts) -

I picked New Vegas because it is my favorite out of the bunch, even though it was developed by Obsidian :P

#65 Posted by mrfizzy (1651 posts) -

I went for Fallout 3 which surprised me. When I first saw it I went to click Skyrim straight away but then stopped and had to think about it. I came too late to the party for Morrowind so that's out and I believe Skyrim to be better than Oblivion in every way but god damn if Fallout 3 didn't keep me hooked in there for hours. Fallout 3 it is.

#66 Posted by Village_Guy (2760 posts) -

I guess I would have to with... Oblivion, although Skyrim probably is the better game, Oblivion was a more amazing experience at the time.

Ugh, I hated Fallout 3, so disappointing. Horrible gameplay, boring visuals, completely uninteresting story and characters...

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