Rumor: Bethesda Buying Stalker Franchise

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If true, it's a match made in heaven.

I've only finished the first Stalker way back when, on a computer which wasn't quite up to the task, and have played none of the expansions. When I tried to replay it during the first quarter lull of 2012, I didn't quite get over the initial hump. Regardless of its many flaws and quirks, its premise always was fascinating to me. The elusive open world RPG/FPS hybrid, being a true shooter at its core. I want that! Call of Prypriat apparently pretty much succeeded at what they were setting out ot do with the first game, or so the word of mouth says. Guess I should pick that one up one of these days.

Anyways - just wanted to share the news. Let's hope this is true, and that we're in for something big. Watch some random review of Call of Prypiat in the meantime...

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I absolutely loved the idea of STALKER and the atmosphere it created, however (and I'm sorry to say this) but the games are a broken mess that really didn't allow me to fully invest myself in it's universe. I think this rumor of sorts is one of the best ideas to arise in a long time and hope that it is true.

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