BG&E2 does Bollywood?

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Courtesy of Unseen64:

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Seems like an interesting setting to adopt for the series, even if it's just a particular sound they are after. Now that Rayman Origins has done well and a sequel is in the works, I think it's a safe bet this game will see the light of day. It entirely plausible that it could be a launch title for one of the consoles. Especially the Wii U. What do you think?

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Video isn't available for me.

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Not anymore it ain't.

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It's a shame they pulled it, luckily I saw it before they did. Some bland colours but overall impressively detailed environments.

I want this game so bad!

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Was it this video?

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Also this

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I am finally excited for E3. Thank you.

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This game still isn't ever coming out.

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@JohnDudebro said:

This game still isn't ever coming out.

I Believe In Michel Ancel!

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@louiedog said:

Was it this video?

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Also this

That's the one. I forgot to link to the Unseen64 page as well.

I doubt anything will be shown at E3, but I will be overjoyed if they make a statement that the game is still in development.

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What up with all the fish?

*Takes out flashlight and puts on shorts* Seems like an E3 mystery to me...

Ps: Anyone getting a Jak2 vibe, like in terms of tone shift.

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