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An advanced model of the BFG 9000 of Doom. Resembling a cannon, it takes a few seconds to charge. Upon firing, the Big Fantastic Gun launches a large, glowing green plasma ball (visually identical to the weapon's fire in Doom). The plasma ball then fires lasers at any nearby enemies, which inflict damage comparable to being in slime. The plasma ball explodes on impact with a target, throwing splash damage to anything nearby, and inflicting huge damage on any target suffering a direct hit.

Although a weapon of the same name appears in Quake III, it is considerably different from both the original BFG 10K and the BFG 9000.

Quake III's BFG is a rapid-fire weapon, firing out bursts of fast-moving, explosive plasma. In effect, Quake III's BFG is a rapid-fire Rocket Launcher, somewhat similar to early beta versions of Doom's BFG.

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