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Bhelen plays an important role in both the Dwarven Noble origin and the "A Paragon of Her Kind" quest. 
Prince Bhelen is the third son of King Endrin, and is greatly overshadowed by his older brother and presumed heir to the throne, Trian, as well as the Dwarven Noble player character who is an heroic warrior and Endrin's favourite. 
Bhelen attempted to convince his second brother that, jealous of his prowess in battle and afraid he may be passed up for the throne, Trian plans to murder him. The Dwarf Noble is sent t to The Deep Roads to recover the Shield of Aeducan, but on recovering it is ambushed by a group of mercenaries bearing Trian's Aeducan signet ring (although they were actually working for Bhelen). Depending on whether the player chose to believe Bhelen that Trian was plotting to murder him, or not the Dwarf Noble will either find Trian waiting to confront he/she, or Trian's corpse. As the Dwarf Noble is standing over Trian's body Bhelen arrives accusing the Noble of murdering Trian, resulting in the Noble being convicted as a kinslayer and sent to the Deep Roads to die (where he/she is recruited by Duncan to the Grey Wardens). 
When the Warden arrives in Orzammar, the city is on the brink of civil war between Bhelen and Lord Harrowmont. King Endrin has died, but there is dispute over who he chose to succeed him. The warden can choose to support either Bhelen or Harrowmont, if Bhelen has the Warden's support he becomes Orzammar's king and bring a bout a new, less insular age for Orzammar with a great deal more trade to the surface; if the Warden supports Harrowmont Bhelen dies in a last-ditch attempt to take the throne by force.

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