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Bianca is the childhood figure of friendship and pertains a close relation the protagonist in Pokemon Black/White. Bianca starts her own adventure alongside the protagonist. In Pokemon Black/White Version 2, she is the assistant to Professor Juniper, and gives the Protagonist their starter pokemon.


Bianca appears to be timid and a bit of a slowpoke, which is probably why her overprotective father disapproves of her becoming a Pokemon Trainer.


Bianca's choice in a starter Pokemon will always result in the Pokemon type weakest against the protagonist's own Pokemon. (Oshawott/ Tepig, Tepig/ Snivy, Snivy/ Oshawott). Bianca adds her signature Pokemon Lillipup and Munna onto her team while on her adventure. Her Munna, Munny, is kidnapped by Team Plasma, so she trains with the Gym Leader, Iris to become stronger.

Bianca's father tries to bring her home, but Gym Leader Elesa convinces Bianca's father that everyone's beliefs are different, and that we must learn to accept that, and he backs off a bit, allowing her a chance to prove her worth.

Two years after her adventure with the protagonist of Pokemon Black and White she is an assistant to Professor Juniper. And she helps guide the Player of Black and White 2 through their journey.


Bianca's color scheme and hairstyle are similar to Barry/Pearl from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

Special Appearances

Pokemon Adventure

Bianca's recognizes Oshawott as her Pokemon starter.

Anime series

Bianca is a Pokémon Trainer from Nuvema Town who has allineates close workings with Professor Juniper, often charged with running her errands around the region.

Bianca is a lovable girl with an aspiration to battle but has casual moments of being loose minded. Bianca is colloquially clumsy and scattered brain, often losing track of thought and having momentaneous line of concern for a subject. She is exceedingly celebratory, causing moments of collision when often greeting the main characters. She is a profuse apologetic.

Bianca tends to own her tenacity by pacing to her time, often resolving into a rushed and unfocused, forcing unprocessed chaos onto those around her.


Bianca's Japanese name derives from the Slavic root ( бел / bel ) meaning 'White'

Fame Checker

The webcomic Black Adventures displays the chronicling adventure of Bianca long side friendship with the protagonist.

Fun Facts

  • Bianca is Ash Ketchum's first regular female rival within the Anime series.

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