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Based at the foot of Corona Mountain, Bianco Hills is the first area Mario unlocks outside of Delfino Plaza, and is accessible via a portal on the base of a statue in the plaza. The area gets its name from the Italian word for white and is one of the areas which shows the most direct inspiration from the country of Italy.

Mario is usually dropped into the level at the top of a hill, on a white path which descends downwards. The path passes over a small river, through a small village known as "Windmill Village" where a number of the houses have windmill blades on top, under a waterwheel, through an area where there are a number of platforms with windmill blades on them, and then finally winds up hill towards one giant windmill. Alongside the enormous windmill and smaller windmill platforms there is a large lake of clear water.


Episode 1: The Road to the Big Windmill

In this episode Mario must make his way from the start of the area, and through to the area of tall platforms, which has been covered in goop. At the point in the level just before the bridge towards the windmill, there is a polluted piranha plant which he must defeat to gain the shine sprite.

Episode 2: Down with Petey Piranha

In this episode Mario must reach the roof of the windmill, where he finds Petey Piranha, an enormous humanoid piranha plant who smashes through the roof of the windmill and leaves him and Mario tumbling inside. Mario must them defeat him to complete the level.

Episode 3: The Hillside Cave Secret

In this episode Mario must make his way across the lake to a cave hidden in the sides of the hills. Within there is a secret area which he must complete to receive the shine sprite.

Episode 4: Red Coins of Windmill Village

This episode requires Mario to collect the 8 coins dotted around Windmill Village to gain the shine sprite.

Episode 5: Petey Piranha Strikes Back

Oddly seeming to parody the title of the movie Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes back, in this episode Mario finds the whole of windmill village covered in goop. If he is able to make his way up the hills behind the village he can find a sleeping Petey Piranha who when awoken will begin terrorising the village. Defeating him will complete the level.

Episode 6: The Secret of the Dirty Lake

In this episode the lake in Bianco Hills can be found mysteriously polluted. If Mario manages to make his way across the lake to a hidden cave he can enter a secret zone and complete it to collect the shine sprite.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario on the Loose

In this episode Mario must chase Shadow Mario around Windmill village and defeat him to receive the shine sprite.

Episode 8: Red Coins of the Lake

In this episode Mario must collect the 8 red coins scattered across the lake, mainly by using FLUDD to propel himself around on a lillpad to get to them.

Episode 9: Red Coins of the Hillside Cave

In this episode, Mario must revisit the cave from episode 3, collecting 8 coins within.

Episode 10: Red Coins of the Dirty Lake

In this episode, Mario must revisit the cave from episode 6, collecting 8 coins within.

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