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 Bibarel on the Anime
National Pokedex No. # 400 
Species: Beaver Pokemon 
Types: Normal/Water 
Abilities: Simple or Unaware 
Height: 3'03" 
Weight: 69.4 lbs 
                   Routes 208, 209, 210 and 212, Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Spring Path, Great Marsh, Lake Acuity (Diamond and Pearl
                   Routes 208, 209 and 210, Lake Valor, Valor Lakefront, Lake Acuity, Great Marsh, Sendoff Sprig (Platinum
Males have two more circles on its "mask" then females.  
They can be found on rivers on the dams they build with mod and wood. 

Evolutionary Line

Bidoof evolves to Bibarel starting at level 15. 

Pokedex Entries

  • Diamond: It makes its nest by damming streams with bark and mod. it is known as an industrious worker. 
  • Pearl: While its movements out of water are sluggish, it can swim as fast as any Feebas
  • Platinum: A river dammed by Bibarel will never overflow its banks, which is appreciated by people nearby. 
  • HeartGold/SoulSilver: It busily makes its nest with stacks of branches and roots it has cut up with its sharp incisors.

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