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Can a genre this stale make a comeback? 1

If obscure, niche games are what you're after, the DS is chock full of quality items, especially if you're in the market for shmups. The genre is one of the DS' strengths, and the touch screen ensures accuracy; one would assume that the system would have plenty of games in the genre utilizing the hardware well, right? Unfortunately not. While there are many different types of top-down shooters on the humble handheld, none have utilized the hardware nearly as well as they could. Big Bang Mini is ...

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FIREWORKS HAVE NEVER BEEN SO MUCH FUN, NOR SO DESTRUCTIVE!We all like a good firework display from time to time, from the noise and speed of the rocket. To the eventual explosion of colour and sound, there hard not to like. So when I heard that there was a Nintendo DS game that allow me to live my dreams of being the rocketman myself, I jumped at the chance and picked up a copy of my very own. Big Bang Mini is the latest DS creation from developers Arkedo Studio, now that might be a name less fa...

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Little Game... Big Bang.... 0

As a casual gamer, it takes something special for me to take out my DS and play it in my spare time.  Big Bang Mini is just that game.  Ever increasing difficulty combined with strange flying animals and battling snowmen make this a niche game that everyone can enjoy.  It's easy to pick up and play. The whole game is played with the stylus and the occasional use of the L and R buttons.  Shooting with the stylus is very intuitive and easy to do.  It's kind of a cross between a puzzle game and a s...

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A crazy game with tight controls, also very addictive and fun. 0

Wow! This game caught me by surprise, due to the high acclaim by some specialized media I was aware that this could be a very fun game, but never imagined it could be this much fun. Claiming that this game is innovative is simplify too much the great dose of weirdness that is found in it. It is so fresh that it ends up being strange, but what it has of strange it has of fun, that's for sure.This is a shoot-'em-up game where you basically has to protect one little thing in the lower-screen of you...

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High Intensity Eye Candy but the Game's a Dud 0

Big Bang Mini never rises above being simple interactive eye candy because of its gameplay problems and inconsistencies, one of which is explained in plain text within its opening tutorial.  But as you play past these issues, you'll probably have a fun experience flinging technicolor fireworks at floaty oddball enemies in a Space Invaders-style shooter.  While the experience may be forgettable you're left with the impression that Arkedo studios has a real concern with keeping things ...

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