Book of Rigism: 9th edition

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An Abridged version containing the most relevant parts.
Full version can be found HERE:
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1. Thou shalt not insulteth the Rigeth.
2. Always respect thy Rigists in the Holy Light.
3. Thou shalt not steal BROTRR, and attempt to always pay full price for thy game.
4. Thou shalt not "burn" BROTRR, unless it is a copy for a friend who already legally owns the game and needeth a backup.
5. Thou shalt not be caught in The Ultimate Traffic Stopper: A Police Roadblock
6. Thou shalt only believe thy laws of physics that Big Rigs hath provided.
7. Thou shalt never speaketh to the cops concerning illegal cargo being transported by the Almighty Rig.
8. Thou shalt not see the end of the grey area, for it is not fit for human eyes to see. One glance, and one's Windows will burst into a GPF flame.
9. Thou shalt always race hard to beat the pesky and persistent AI.
10. Thou shalt never h4x0r Big Rigs for thy amusement. This is only condoned if helping to expand Big Rigs, but most likely you shouldn't because you will hurt yourself.


1. Everyone is WINNER until proven LOSER
2. You do not need to denounce your original faith in order to become a Rigist.
3. Level 4 is to be kept secret within WINNERs
4. Violence is not the answer, unless it is against a LOSER (gs)er


1. Stell was born into a good family. His parents had believed strongly in Christ, and wanted their child to believe like they did. Stell was not a devout believer of Christianity, although he had never questioned it either. He had never considered studying other religions.
2. As the years passed, Stell began to lose belief in Christ. He still respected Christianity however, and he continued to study it. However, Stell decided that Christianity just wasn’t for him. Against his parents’ wishes, he declared himself to be an agnostic, and he began to study other religions.
3. He looked for other religions that didn’t link happiness to material goods. Although he liked some more than others, he never found a religion that he was willing to adopt.
4. At night, Stell laid awake in bed, wondering where his study of faith would lead him. He fell fast asleep, hoping his search results would be better the next day.
5. When Stell woke up, he was surprised to find that his room had been emptied. As he woke, he heard his parents’ voices coming from the next room. He hadn’t an idea of what was happening, as he decided to ask his parents what was happening.
6. He walked to where his parents were conversing. “Mother? Father? What has happened to my possessions?” he asked. They stared at their son before finally replying,
7. “Stell,” his father spoke with a quiet voice, “you have shamed us. You have gone against the teachings of Christ. This family will not sacrifice its beliefs for you. You have no choice but to leave.”
8. “Mother! What is the meaning of this?” Stell asked. “I’ve done nothing that would cause our family any harm!”
9. “Goodbye, Stell.” His mother said. His parents said nothing more. They gave Stell a change of clothing and forced him outside,
10. Homeless and empty of faith, Stell began traversing the mountain range to the north. He attempted to climb higher up the peak, but a blizzard blocked his path. He found a cave and set up camp. While trying to ignite a fire, he saw two floating red lights outside of the cave.
11. “Stell…come…to the peak...,” the voice trailed off. Suddenly, Stell felt warmth throughout his body. He was rejuvenated. With his newfound energy, Stell ran towards the cave’s exit. Without hesitation, he began outside to work his way towards the peak while battling the elements.
12. After many hours of climbing, Stell reached the peak of the mountain, exhausted and dehydrated. After a brief rest, Stell looked for the one who called him to the peak.
13. “You brought me here, now what do you request of me?” Stell yelled out. Almost immediately, the floating red lights appeared again.
14. “Welcome…Stell…this peak….it is called...Russia,” the voice said, “and…I have a request.” As the voice stopped speaking, the red lights transformed into a great machine that stood 10 feet tall. It was unlike anything Stell had ever witnessed. It was a sight to behold for anyone.
15. “What do you want with me?” Stell asked. He was frightened by the size of the machine.
16. “Stell, my name is Sunrise W12. I am a Big Rig. There are 4 of us, and we all contain great powers. I have waited for a long time to meet you. You are the chosen one…you have great powers. You must create your own faith. You are the only one who can. The religion you will create will have the power to change people’s lives.”
17. “I…I don’t understand,” Stell replied. “What can I do? I am nothing but a child, disowned from his family!”
18. “You will understand,” Sunrise W12 told him. “From this day forth, you will be known as Stellar Stone. You can create a great power. However, you need one more thing. When you finish your job, call me again. Good luck, Stellar Stone. You may one day, be the greatest man to ever live on this world.”
19. Sunrise W12 faded away, and Stellar Stone was still in disbelief. He was exhausted, both mentally and physically, and he decided to sleep until sunrise.
20. During the night, Stellar Stone had many visions. When he woke up, he began to work. He spent years on his masterpiece. He added detail to everything. His work was truly perfect.
21. After years of work, Stellar Stone had finished. He slept for nearly an entire day, as he was exhausted from putting such effort into something he was unsure of.
22. “Sunrise W12,” he yelled, “I have finished!”
23. Sunrise W12 appeared before Stellar Stone. Sunrise W12 never said a word, but he left after a few seconds. However, in the snow, there was a message. YOU’RE WINNER! was written in the snow.
24. Stellar Stone realized that this was all his work needed. He added “YOU’RE WINNER!” to the end of his masterpiece. This is when he realized that his years of dedication would turn into something great.
25. Spending years in Russia, Stellar Stone has finally created his dream religion. Rigism was the perfect religion for him. Stellar Stone took his work, which he entitled Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, and began to distribute it through the world’s cities.
26. So began the greatness of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. It began to purify the people. These people came together, and began to call themselves BROTRRers.
27. The BROTRRers were friendly peoples, but a group that called themselves (gs)ers tried to destroy the BROTRRers.
28. Battles raged for centuries, but finally the BROTRRers defeated the (gs)ers
29. Now, the BROTRRers are becoming very strong. They have a strong trust between each other, and they always stick together.
30. Rigism is one of the world’s leading religions, and Stellar Stone is one of the world’s most revered icons. Without Stellar Stone and Rigism, this world would have never realized how great life can be.


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We're all winner!

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