The new patch completely ruins this game.

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Apparently Stellar Stone sent out a patch for Big Rigs fixing numerous issues. Here is a quote from Gamespot's updated review

 Stellar Stone put out a patch for Big Rigs that is already included in newer copies. With the patch installed your opponent actually moves, there are sound effects, and the broken Nightride track is replaced with a mirror version of the first track that doesn't crash the game. The grammatically questionable but entertaining "You're Winner!" message was also changed to read "You Win!"      
I always thought that the fact that the game was so bad made it fun. Going up mountains at full speed, driving outside of the geometry of the level, all of that crazy shit. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing used a uniquely terrible game, but now it's just a generic racing game. 
I don't know if this is old or not, but Gamespot's review was updated on April 2, 2010 so I'm assuming this is a new patch.
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All I can say is, Stellar Stone are definitely not winner. Not winner at all.

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The only winners are the people who never played that game.

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Patch? The game is 7 years old
Anyway, the game should stay horrible and broken, that's what's funny about it
Oh and it also spawned the greatest video review ever

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That's not new at all, that patch was released in January  2004.

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@ViciousReiven: Oh man, I'm late. Actually Gamespot is late.
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Wow, it took them long enough. Does it matter, though? It's more epic when it's broken!

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I heard about a patch that made the opponent move a long time ago. The catch, however, is that he stops right before the finish line so it's still impossible to lose.

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@natetodamax said:
" I heard about a patch that made the opponent move a long time ago. The catch, however, is that he stops right before the finish line so it's still impossible to lose. "
Rubber banding... TO THE MAX!
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Good.  I was about to stop playing because of these issues, but now I can look forward to much, much more Big Rig racing!

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Does the studio exist anymore?

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That's not a fix. The game is better the way it is now.
Also, I like how their idea of fixing the game is by just cutting out one of the maps that was broken. If I were a developer on that game, I'd take enough pride in my work that I'd make a patch for it on my own time and actually fix it.

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You are Winner!!!!!

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At this point, what's the purpose?

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Cool but I think I'm going to stick with vanilla Big Rigs. The patch ruins the balance.

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Someone "fixed" Big Rigs? 
Burn that muthafucker in the 9th Circle of Hell!

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They should have brought Alex back to write the additional blurb.

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