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The perfect example of a great bad game!

After experiencing a couple of great games,you will feel the need to play a bad game.I love bad games.They're bad,but being bad makes them really funny.You'll laugh at the bugs,you'll take funny screenshots & you'll also have a good laugh with your friends about that "epic game I rated 2.0 " .

I didn't hear about Big Rigs untill last year. A 1.0 rated game at Gamespot, 0.3 Critic Rating ,& a very cool video review by Alex Navarro.Than I said: "I must get this game,no matter what!" .A hard task to do indeed,but with the help of God, I had it in my HDD by Easter!I was so happy,as if I had GTA IV for the PC or something like that.I installed it & played it.Wow!

There's no career,there are no tournaments,only some kind of quick races. You'll have to choose from a huge variety of trucks (4) & an amazing number of tracks (5) .OK,than there's a huge loading time,dunno why,but there is one.After that the fun begins...
The graphics are not really bad,knowing that it's a game from the end of 2003.Decent textures,but nothing special.Well,you're there at the start line,along another truck.The race begins...I start to go,but I don't see where my opponent is...oh well...It seems that I've got to pass trough some checkpoints,than arrive at the start line (circuit tracks) to pass the race.Now, the truck controls are awful,but you will get used to them.I prefer the second truck,which is blue,not that it goes faster or has better handling,but because it's bigger,& it looks like my neighbor (really) .Getting back to the track,the awesome thing is that you can go EVERYWHERE.If you want to take a shortcut to the next checkpoint,you can go ontop of the mountains...it doesn't slow you down & it's sooooooo fun!You can also pass trough buildings,trees,cars...basically everything,because there's no constant material in the game.I was surprised,when completing the circuit,that my opponent was still at the start line,not having moved a bit!So no AI,that's cool.You Are Winner! Yay!
Next I decide to try another track.The same huge load time & than...You Are Winner!What?I haven't even started the race!Damn.
You have to exit & enter the game again after every race.Well,I had a great experience when crossing a bridge in one of the tracks,by going trough it & trough UNDER it!!!Oh,& it happens from time to time to get lost in a black & white dimension,the truck goes 499 km/h & it jumps from the bottom to the top of the screen,& in reverse.After a while of flying,you'll eventually win the race.
One track doesn't work.There is really no sound in this game.What can be more fun?So my rating cathegories are:

Multiplayer:what's that?

So that's 5-10+10=5 , 5:4=1.25 ,so a fair 1.3 ...But WAIT,& see the breathtaking event!!!

Patch contents:-one annoying sound that sound like my uncle when he's sleeping
-the track that didn't work is repaired,but it is the same with another already existing track
-amazing AI that makes the opponent go about 10 metres before stopping
-some other outstanding content that is too well hidden to be discovered

So,the new verdict:


Oh my God,a 2.0 .Enjoy!A trully unique game,that you will not see too often!
Posted by dev_ron

awesome starting.
and rest are just your usual. the details. nice work ;)

Posted by DarkyHBK

thanks once again man :D

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