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Introduced in the Sleeping Dogs DLC Nightmare at North Point, Big Scar Wu is a ghost who worked for the Sun On Yee triad in life. He was very ruthless, described as psychotic by his peers. The Great Dragon of the Sun On Yee (Uncle Po, at the time) ordered a hit on Wu, and he was run down and stabbed 42 times by Sun On Yee enforcers. The killers disposed of his corpse in the Smiley Cat cat food plant, where they cut off his pinkie finger, ground up the rest of his body, and mixed it into the cat food. This was done to ensure Wu would have no peace in the afterlife. Unfortunately for Wu, one of the men who murdered him was killed only weeks later, and upon arriving in the afterlife he told everyone how Big Scar Wu had been killed. Wu earned the nickname of 'Smiley Cat', much to his chagrin. His restless spirit decides to take revenge on the Sun On Yee by releasing the undead and the Jiang Shi, kicking off the events of Nightmare at North Point.

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