Any thoughts or impressions?

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@beard_of_zeus: Well, games like this aren't my thing, but it seems nice for what it was. Certainly looks fantastic on the Vita, and the fact that you earn persistent upgrades every time you play is a nice hook. There seems to be tons of different modes and content, and while I did encounter some enemies/environments I had no idea how to deal with, the game seemed to filter them away on subsequent playthroughs after they kept killing me.

Oh, and there's a snarky narrator who is very... British. And not in the "sophisticated" LittleBigPlanet way. He seems to drive some people up the wall, though I found him somewhat amusing.

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Someone's been playing it on my friends list, because I suddenly had game goods for it in near. When I notcied it was free for plus I downloaded it on my vita, haven't had the chance to try it yet though.

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I got it for free with plus. It's a pretty neat little game. It's procedural generation makes the game feel fun to play each time.

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@beard_of_zeus: If it's any bit as good as the older PC version (known as Really Big Sky), it's pretty damn fun. There are a lot of interesting elements thrown in; it's all randomly generated each run through, you have a drill that you can flip to in order to bore your way through the center of planets, sometimes there's weird time dilation effects or wormholes to navigate, and there's a persistent upgrade system which makes your ship better across playthroughs.

I don't know if this is a sequel or just a separate update for consoles, but I'd say it's totally worth a look.

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Downloded it on ps+ just so i wouldn't miss it but probably won't get around to it till next year.

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The narrator is hoooooorrible! Luckily, you can turn him off in the settings.

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@bibamatt said:

The narrator is hoooooorrible! Luckily, you can turn him off in the settings.

Oh thank god! I was about to uninstall the game and never touch it again before I read this. His awfulness just made me switch the game off as soon as I realised he'd constantly talk.

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It's basically cross between geometry wars, and R-Type, and while it isnt a bad game, I can't say its as good as either of them.

Also, I wouldn't play the game at all if you couldn't turn the narrator off in the settings. He sounds like a 17 year old kid from London, recording all the lines on a broken cassette tape. It's like rubbing a cheese grater on your brain.

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Hmmmm...thanks for the input, ya'll. I think I'll hold out and see if it becomes a PS+ freebie for us NA folks. It's not like I don't have enough games to play already anyways :P

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@beard_of_zeus: It really isn' that good unfortunately. I really don't like the gameplay much, the game does a really bad job of explaining itself. What I've gleaned from reviews, is that is gets much better if you persevere and upgrade your ship.

As for the narrator, I originate form Britain and have to wonder what they were thinking putting him in the game. It's like having your annoying friend from back in your school days commenting on your game.

With regards to shooters on Vita I'd go Sine Mora every time.

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