Playboy Announces New Game Label And Reveals Its First Game

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#101 Posted by lordgodalming (155 posts) -

 "Playboy-caliber women."   
So the game will be full of platinum blonde sex-dolls whose every inch was crafted by a lonely single man with mother-issues and Photoshopped to a high blur? Thanks, but if I want titillation I'll just rewatch that scene in Final Fantasy VII where Tifa's in the shower. There's a curtain in front of her, but if you squint and tilt your head just's still more interesting than this "game" from Playboy.

#102 Posted by Bionicicide (1213 posts) -

That looks and sounds awful.

#103 Posted by JustinK (3 posts) -

This seems destined for failure and ridicule. ::Rubs hands together excitedly::

#104 Posted by James_ex_machina (899 posts) -

NOW if this was a Project Natal game....I'm all in!   Any ladies up for multiplayer?

#105 Posted by dyong (331 posts) -

Yeah... I don't think so, Jim.

#106 Posted by supersonic4336 (53 posts) -

I have a feeling this will have far less boobs than the playboy name would lead you to believe. That trailer was not much in the way of sex appeal. Looks pretty lame graphically as well. Then again MMO's aren't exactly the best looking thing anyway, cause you need that power for networking, but still.

#107 Posted by Seedofpower (3951 posts) -
@scarace360 said:
" So you shoot people and have sex? "
There is no sex in playboy, just a lot of nipples and the occasional vagina. 
Sorry to disappoint.
#108 Posted by hedfone (1731 posts) -


#109 Posted by inappropriate_touchscreen (68 posts) -

They should license Hot Coffee, and turn it into a full retail game. With articles, of course.

#110 Posted by adeepname (12 posts) -

If it is a browser based game, I'll consider giving it a spin. Looks pretty terrible though.  
I also like how that getaway van doesn't take any damage.

#111 Posted by AURON570 (1680 posts) -

Something about it reminds me of the Sims... not interested

#112 Posted by James_ex_machina (899 posts) -

I hear the Photoshop "artists" from the magazine will be doing the game graphics to keep that FAKE over-Photoshopped look consistent between the two.

#113 Posted by agentboolen (1863 posts) -

The video doesn't look like its actual game play...  More like a animation thats suppose to look like a video game.  What ever happened to keeping it simple and just making some rhythm sex games?  Doing GTA seems like to big of a project for them.

#114 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -
@Seedofpower: Why do you try to ruin my day.
#115 Posted by Gerhabio (1977 posts) -

Playboy, thank you for making it even harder to get rid of the loser/sleazehole gamer stereotype, for making gaming more inaccessible for self-respecting women and for unwittingly leading a parade of hole-filling-crazed anti-feminists into our already objectification-riddled world.
My only consolation is that the low quality of your video games, if not our sense of decency and our love and respect for the women in our lives, will surely bring you down in these misguided endeavors.

#116 Posted by Branthog (5611 posts) -

I don't understand why people sink so much money and time into projects like this that EVERYONE knows is stupid and full of fail. I mean, who are the jackasses saying "no, this will totally be a hit!" and green lighting the funding?

#117 Posted by Raineko (431 posts) -

This looks so unbelievable bad...

#118 Posted by MrBlowfish (84 posts) -

No. Just no.

#119 Posted by Emilio (3380 posts) -

Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck!! They'll try anything for money, huh?

#120 Posted by hughesie27 (193 posts) -

Knock yourself out. HAHAHAHAHA

#121 Posted by omegadude (44 posts) -

i think that trailer gave me cancer

#122 Posted by SubwayD (597 posts) -

It's not doubt been mentioned already, but why do I get the feeling this game is going to succeed where APB failed?

#123 Posted by VergilMayCry (17 posts) -

just goes to show that people are willing to make anything as long as there's a market for it. it'll probably flop.

#124 Posted by DryvBy (236 posts) -

This is going to be pretty bad. Usually a CGI representation of a game is suppose to throw you through a hoop, but this one looks like some PS2/Xbox/Cube game. Yuck.

#125 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4779 posts) -

Playboy hasn't been a valid source or porn or even fap worthy swag in a long long time...I just wanted to post that.
as for the game, the past what? 1 game playboy created sucked, I don't expect more this time.

#126 Posted by PenguinDust (12664 posts) -

With the expansion of the internet granting access to all sorts of nudity for every particular taste, Playboy has become irrelevant in the 21st century.  I see this as an attempt to work their way back into the mindset of young males, but I doubt it will have any lasting effect.  This crappy GTA/Saints Row clone isn't going to be anything anyone plays for long.  If Playboy wants to seriously make games, then they need to take an original approach and not just reskin other popular franchises with their label.   They did that with The Sims and it failed and now they are doing it again with the open world GTA style genre.  I believe a spy game would be a better pick.  The "playboy" life style is similar to that of the suave super-spy life style from James Bond and even Austin Powers and it would offer a better opportunity for lots of hot polygonal girls to scamper about. 

#127 Posted by xenexprime (76 posts) -

" But it hasn't been behind the wheel of a videogame just yet." 

 Actually there was a PC Playboy Game with a "The Sims" look around 2005.....
It was called "Playboy: The Mansion"
#128 Posted by backflip10019 (16 posts) -

I came for the tits and then I came on the tits.

#129 Posted by MrMuscle (450 posts) -

So, Charlies Angels gone bad meets a bad replica of the A-team van, really playboy? Really?
#130 Posted by chinkpak (31 posts) -

This looks awful! Like a slightly updated version of GTAIII...or a downgrade 0_o

#131 Posted by lowestformofwit (251 posts) -

It's sad that so many good studios have closed and that someone like Playboy  comes along and thinks they can make games.  em, no thanks.

#132 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

Points lost for lack of El-P mention.

Brad no wins
#133 Posted by Noobi (7 posts) -


#134 Posted by Evercaptor (391 posts) -

I kinda got interested in the playboy game for a minute there, but i really don't like MMOs. ah well.
Here's hoping they get into the console game business, it might be interesting if they made some games with a narative focus. it'd be funny if they subverted everyone's expectations.

#135 Posted by CowsWithGuns (216 posts) -
@lowestformofwit: Agreed!

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