Anyone Beat Invasion Mode In Binary Domain?

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I came close to beating the underground level yesterday. I was lucky enough to have 2 good players who were determine to win. We all did good until the 43rd wave came along. Shit just went downhill on that wave when the red robots showed up. They did lots of damage and kept rushing us. Me and my team put up a fight but it was too much. We lost and afterwards I felt defeated. It took us 3 hours to get to the 43rd wave and it was for nothing.

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Shit I came close again and failed. I played that mall looking stage and got to wave 47. Me and my team was being tactical but we ended up getting overwhelmed. Once again I feel defeated I feel robbed. O but I'm not giving up just yet. I'm going to keep trying until I beat all the invasion levels. I want that trophy for beating all the stages.

Btw.... doe's anyone know how to get the Ninja Class?

Edit: Just found out the ninja class is a DLC bonus.

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 Played a bunch with a few randoms and the highest i got to was lvl 34 which kind of made me mad that we end up losing because 30-35 was the set with the security bots. They're pretty easy, there's just a good amount of them is all.
Being that you don't level up in Invasion, which is really ridiculous, is it worth it to level up in versus and get better upgrades (i'm assuming that's how you get upgrades seeing as how i never played versus) and then tackle invasion once you're better equipped?
There's so much that makes me want to like this mode but the mechanics make it annoying and down right infuriating at times. 
-The game does an EXTREMELY poor job of communicating to me when my teammates or downed and/or killed. Can't tell you how many times I've been going to war only to subsequently realize that all my teammates are dead
-The fact that you have to buy all you're equipment again every 5th round even if you have leftovers is stupid. It's not too bad consider you'll have an ample amount of points if you done a lot of killing. 
-The fact that you're teammates can't revive you freely, i wish they implemented some type of borderlands "second-wind" element where if you can kill an enemy while you're down you'll come back to full health

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@hbkdx12: I was able to level up when I was playing invasion mode during a round. In versus mode I think leveling up is faster. As for earning points to buy weapons and equipment I don't have a problem with it. I can understand why some people find it annoying. I do agree about reviving teammates freely. I got annoyed alot of times when my teammate is down, and I don't have first aid to revive them.

But in general I wish there were a mission based co-op mode. Invasion mode is alright, but alot times people quit out of the game or get bored. I wish they added in a mission mode where people have to complete objectives.

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@falserelic: At what point does it show you leveling up? I played this mode a ton and never received any kind of indication that i was leveling up or receiving xp at all. 
A mission based co-op would have been a solid addition ala syndicate. 
 I will say though that when i first played invasion i thought the game mechanics made it so difficult that there was no way a group of randoms could make it to wave 50 but now that the game has been out for some time i think that most people have a pretty good understanding that caution is the number 1 rule with this game mode. And i've seen a lot more solid teamwork and cooperation then i would have ever expected
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@hbkdx12: It was kinda odd when I leveled up. When I got to the 40 wave on the mall level. I had to fight off waves of enemies because my teammates all died. When I took out all the enemies my level up meter went up. So I'm thinking if you take out abunch of enemies, or beat invasion mode you'll level up.

But yeah there are alot of people working as a team in invasion mode. I was surprise when I saw two teammates using riot shields. They both was working together taking out most enemies. I found out bashing enemies with the shield doe's lots of damage, and the best weapon is the sniper rifle you buy in the store. If it wasn't for using that sniper rifle and those riot shields. I probably wouldn't have made it to wave 47.

I agree too about the syndicate style mission based structure. It would have been cool to see something like that in this game.

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@falserelic: That seems silly and inconsistent in terms of the leveling. That sucks cuz i would like to see what some of the other upgrades are considering i'll never play versus mode
I've seen plenty of my teammates run around with sniper rifles and it does seem effective but im partial to the solider class with the 3 burst rifle and a shotgun for back gun. Been working out real good for me.
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@hbkdx12: Once you get to a certain level your character gets a new perk. But if you want to level up fast then you might want to consider playing versus made. Invasion mode will take all day to level up.

As for classes I usually pick the sniper or heavy gunner classes. I found them to be the most reliable on invasion mode. I use to pick the solider class. But later on during the higher waves. The three burst assault rife doesn't do much damage. As for the shotgun I usually don't use it for the harder waves. Enemies will do more damage and become harder to kill. I like to keep my distance from them.

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@falserelic: Sniper seems like it's probably the best. I'm not the best sniper plus there's usually at least one other person on the team who is so i never feel the need to have to use it. I don't like the heavy gunner because the spread and recoil is too bothersome to me. The shotgun is kind of risky but ironically, the enemies who pose the biggest threat are the green ones seeing as how they're pretty accurate from a distance so getting in close can be kind of tricky sometimes but for that I just switch back to the rifle. But i like using it on the all black enemies (storm troopers i think they're called?)  who rush you. Their animations leave you a lot of opportunity to exploit them even though they are somewhat durable. And the big blue and white billy club security bots are easy to decimate with a shotgun as well.
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@hbkdx12: Well we both have are own preferences. As long as the tactics works then its all good. The storm troopers in invasion mode can be a pain at times. When I see a storm trooper I make sure to stay away from them. Those troopers are lethal one shot and its over. I remember I used all my first aid because of 1 storm trooper

But the worse robots has to be the Red Robots that comes around on wave 40. There like storm troopers on steroids. Sometimes they make me nerves because they can take me out in seconds. When I come so far in invasion mode and lose. My blood starts to boil then I feel defeated. I hate to get that feeling of defeat in any video game I play online..

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@falserelic: Never made it up to level 40 but are they the same red robots from SP that are similar to the green ones but are tougher, move faster and have SMGs? (i think)
What system are you on? Maybe we can get a game goin. I'm on ps3. PSN: Melikefishnchips
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@hbkdx12: Yeah, there all red and carry SMGs. In SP there easy to kill, in invasion mode there like beasts there hard to takedown.

I got binary domain on the ps3 aswell I'll add you. My PSN is Falsereliclegacy. I'm usually on my ps3 on Fridays or Saturdays. I'll definitely be ready to play binary domain on Friday if you still want to play by then.

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@falserelic: Yeah i'm down

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