Binary Domain - Gameplay Footage (PS3)

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Here's a little gameplay of the PS3 version of Binary Domain, the first title from the newly formed Yakuza Studio, a studio which is headed by none other than Toshihiro Nagoshi, producer of the Yakuza series. The game appears to be using technology and mechanics found in Vanquish, another Sega published title.

(Gameplay 30sec+)

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Binary Domain releases on February 14th in North America, and February 17th in Europe.

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Well now we know why they never showed more than 15 seond clips and CG.

Hard to believe the dev team implemented that method to watch youre teammates health and nobody intervened its horribly distracting how its constantly animated and moving from left to righl.

No sir, Vanquish this is not. Enemies dont even respond to grenades lol

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The game looks awful in that clip. I uhh...hope they ...make it better before it comes out. 

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It's certainly no Vanquish. Nagoshi-san has no expertise what so ever in making these kind of games... Sega are very good at wasting money on worthless projects, if they think this game will gain the global success they seek, they're crazy. Unfinished or not, this game looks lacking. Sega were better off throwing more money at PlatinumGames, than helping Nagoshi form a new studio.


It will probably sell well in Japan though, that audiences assessment of shooters is wayward to say the least, and with Nagoshi's name attached to the game, they'll buy it in droves. I can't see the latter happening in the West, not even with Sega Europe's involvement (they're helping).

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wasn't this made by the Yakuza team?

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