Binary Domain is $8 at GMG

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It's the deal of the day at Green Man Gaming, $10 plus if you use the 20% off code in the "hot deals" section, it brings it to total of 8 smackers. Activates through Steam. Really impressed with the port so far, runs pretty smooth on my 4 year old laptop.

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When a game is below $10 it's not a question of if you can afford it, but rather if you can afford the time to play it. I rented Binary Domain when it released, and it isn't. The framerate drops to the single digits when battles heat up, your interaction with characters is limited between "Right response" "Wrong response", and the combat never strays from the "peek-a-boo with guns" formula.

I suppose there's an appeal to these types of games, like watching a bad movie which makes you appreciate the good ones more. Binary Domain did try a few new things when it came to third person shooters, but none of them were implemented well. Mainly the voice command feature, I tried it, and it's as bad as you would expect from reading the phrase "voice command feature".

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I really liked Binary Domain and I thought it was interesting, even if they didn't have the budget to do everything they wanted to. It's certainly worth 8 dollars.

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Binary Domain is awesome and well worth $8. Disregard anyone who says otherwise.

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