Boss Battles....

#1 Posted by Nightriff (6522 posts) -

I really want to like this game but FUCK these boss battles. They are so annoying, so poorly designed that it is just ruining the experience. Everything else I'm fine with but the boss battles are just complete bullshit. Not even that they are hard but just feels like they are built to take 20 minutes by having you scrounge around for 2 rocket ammo then for something to get in your way and waste the damn rocket. And your party is completely useless. Shoot the damn robots flying around with the ammo (why they are doing that I don't know) instead of sitting in the building not doing anything. If the trend continues this way I'm not going to finish the game.

#2 Posted by nomorehalfmeasuresdoctor (147 posts) -

Japanese developers seem to have a thing about repeating the same boss battles over and over again. Take the good with the bad right.

#3 Posted by Yummylee (23665 posts) -

They're impressive to look at, but... yeah, they go on for far too long, well after the spectacle has been worn into the ground and you just want to move on. One boss battle where you're in a tunnel shooting from a vehicle literally went for like, I dunno, about 40 minutes long for me. It was on Survivalist mode, though, or whatever the highest default difficulty setting is, but it's still such an insanely lengthy battle all the same.

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Binary Domain's one of those games where you just dumb it down to enjoy the ride man. It's like what the crew say about Spec Ops and except instead of engaging storyline it's just dumb fun. I played it on normal and didn't really find the bosses to be that annoying but some of the set pieces were helluh annoying...

#5 Posted by Nentisys (904 posts) -

I played through BD on normal and I actually enjoyed all the boss battles. The only one that was too long in my opinion was the tunnel shooting sequence.

#6 Posted by Canteu (2913 posts) -

I played BD on hard and loved the holy hot hell out of that game. But the only parts i had issue with was the boss fights.

To be fair, they look amazing and the premise of them and the actual scenes are pretty damn impressive. Such as the big spider monster and the fake Motor Ball (from FFVII). They looked great and had cool transformations, but then they took me a good 20 or 30 minutes to beat. Especially the road boss, that thing took fucking forever.

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My main issue with these boss battles was the knockdown spam. Getting sent flying and taking 3-4 seconds to get up on just about every attack is not fun and extremely irritating. The flying boss, where they in theory want you to use the stinger to kill it, was the worst. After 5-10 minutes of trying to sloooooowly move that thing into firing position but then getting knocked down and having it fly out of my hands, or having the shot blocked by one of the little robots that your party doesn't bother to shoot at, I just threw the damn thing away and slowly killed the boss with my guns. I'd have much preferred if they'd just increased the damage of the bosses' attacks exponentially instead of taking control of my character away on every attack.

Unfortunately the Yakuza team that made this game seems to love the knockdown mechanic in general, as this was a constant annoyance for me in Yakuza 4 and Dead Souls as well. Really detracted from what was otherwise a fun experience.

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@Nightriff: I wouldn't bother playing Alpha Protocol then, if I were you.

#9 Edited by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

@Nightriff: Call down an airstrike bro.

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@Nentisys said:

I played through BD on normal and I actually enjoyed all the boss battles. The only one that was too long in my opinion was the tunnel shooting sequence.

This, except that, for me, the gorilla was the most annoying boss. The tunnel shooting sequence was fine for me.
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Oh boy. Now I want to play Binary Domain again!

#12 Posted by Nightriff (6522 posts) -

@SuperJoe: Yup that one was pretty terrible too considering you are in a base and no one else could help you distract it while you load the gun or get health. The worst part was it would constantly knock you down but while you are recovering it start another attack so when you would finally recover, it was in mid attack only to fall down again.

@GetEveryone: Damn, I do want to try that out but are the bosses as annoying as these?

@RWBladewing: Yup and that was the boss that nearly broke me, the gorilla was ok I guess, apparently there is tunnel boss I need to worry about still....not looking foreword to that.

#13 Posted by StarvingGamer (9294 posts) -

Hmmm, I kinda burned my way through BD so I can't remember the boss fights with any sort of clarity, but I don't remember being frustrated or annoyed with any of them. All I remember was having a lot of fun.

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Just did that flying boss and god damn was that a poorly designed fight. In the time it takes to lock on your firing is blocked by those endlessly spawning flying things that my team would not shoot not to mention spending half the fight getting up from being knocked down. Also not sure if it happened to other people but if I picked up Stinger ammo and wasnt carrying the stinger it wouldnt count.

#15 Posted by Morningstar (2327 posts) -

Some of the boss battles are atrocious in this game, I agree. They take forever and there is always something knocking you down. The good parts of the game makes up for it though.

#16 Posted by Levius (1329 posts) -

I enjoyed the first fight with the big multilegged boss as it was good fun blowing shit off it, but yeah after that they really went downhill. That second fight with the gorilla looking boss took so long I thought it had bugged out or I was doing something wrong, and was just the worst part of the game. The last boss was OK except for the one hit kill bullshit.

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