So is nobody playing multiplayer?

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I've tried several times to play some multiplayer in this game, and there is nobody playing. I've only found two matches so far, the first where I was kicked as soon as I joined, and the other where the host was AFK. I know the game didn't get that good sales, but I would have thought there would be at least some games.

So is it just my connection or is nobody playing this on the 360?

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It's not a AAA title, and it's been out more than 2 weeks. Nobody will be playing it.

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I played a tiny bit of multiplayer, it was fascinating. You can type in quick-messages to trigger with button commands. Because we rarely had enough players to actually start a game, I would just run around the map spamming them. They were:

- "Bro Hug!"

- "Time for the bonehammer!"

and two others I can't recall. The other guys had messages telling people to "plz wait for more ppl" and "dont leave the lobby" and such.

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