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So on this weeks bombcast, the entire crew said how dumb the voice command system was, and how they just stuck with the buttons. Did anyone actually use the voice commands?

On two of my three playthroughs I used them, because I thought "hey, they work and the game was designed primarily with them in mind so why not?". Didn't have a problem with them. Was just wondering if anyone else used them or if I'm in the minority, which after the bombcast I'm guessing I am.

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Nope, didn't use the voice commands. Honestly, I hated that mechanic. Everything else about that game is pretty great. But the response system was pretty lame.

I recall yelling "I love you!" constantly during one of the ending fight scenes. It made me giggle with how out of place that was.

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I intend to mess around with them a little at some point, but that will probably be after I finish the game, which I should really be trying to do right now, but I keep distracting myself with other things...

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