What happened to Binary Domain?

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If I'm not mistaken then Binary Domain is suppose to be out next Tuesday in the US but out this Friday over here in the UK. I have not seen so much as a launch trailer, let alone a review. Anyone seen anything on this game?

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Yeah, I've heard it is a real gem around forums, but I don't know about it, since its not out yet

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Isn't the demo out? Or hasn't it been out? I was going to download it, but didn't. Was it any good?

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Welcome to Sega marketing

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Sega marketing, bad as always. But the demo is out, you should check it out, I like it a lot.

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how is it out this friday in the uk when rest of eu got it the 17th or something? I got it today.

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The demo was great, but I kinda got my fill of it from that...

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Yeah I get the feeling its going to be a giant sleeper hit, same as with Blades of Time, another awesome looking Japanese game out this year that very few people know about and thus will never play. Sucks.

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@NTM said:

Isn't the demo out? Or hasn't it been out? I was going to download it, but didn't. Was it any good?

It's a solid demo overall. Gives you a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with the shooting, the squad mechanics and the characters. The shooting feels surprisingly competent and feels a little like a smoother ME3 (though some of the animations are kinda goofy... just like ME3), the characters look to be as characteristic as you'd expect (British Troy Baker and French Robot), and the squad mechanics seem intriguing, too. The actual ''mechanics'' feel a little shallow (though it's a demo, so it's unfair to judge it entirely), but it's the character reactions and interactions that look to elevate it so slightly above the sum of its parts.

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I didn't really enjoy the demo all that much. It seems like it has some interesting ideas, but whether or not they pan out I will be curious to see.

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I picked it up yesterday (I live in Australia) absolutely loving it so far. The story has been a blast and it keeps surprising me with its direction and emerging tone. I don't play many third person shooters but I am finding the combat fun, sometimes the cover mechanic will not work properly, and quite engaging. It is a shame that SEGA is not pushing it a bit more but I can see where it might be a hard sell. It is a very Japanese game and has the DNA of the Yakuza team flowing through it, which is a positive or minus for some.

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@Capt_Ventris: How are the party interactions? Is it as always as it looked to have your duo basically following your every word, or does their personality dictate a lot of unpredictable responses? More importantly, does the game get stupid annoying if you're left with a party that won't follow your orders? Oh, and the squad orders in general, do they come into play a lot?? Judging from the demo, there doesn't look like you have a lot of options and you can easily get by whilst leaving them do their thing.

...Sorry to be dumping all the questions, but the demo's gotten me relatively excited and I'm curious to see how it's shaping. :P

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@Abyssfull: I hate to be that guy who just posts a video but it really explains it better than I could.

Loading Video...

So far I've been taking the Sniper and Special Ops guy and they seem to get along most of the time as they have the same playstyle. But the Sniper and Heavy Assault do not get along, one wants to take them out from range the other wants to charge in all guns blazing.

When a squadmember refuses to listen to your orders shit gets really tough but not impossible, it's best to be nice to your squaddies when possible, just don't be a suckup or they see through it.

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@Abyssfull said:

British Troy Baker 

Wait, what? Explain this further!  
Like Troy Baker doing a British accent? Because I think I'd pay $60 just to hear that.
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@Vorbis: I am sorry to bust your bawls but the squad mechanics really don't matter. I played trough the game today and I really did not use any squad tactics I was just playing it like a regular 3rd person shooter.
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@biospank: I'm assuming you didn't play on Hard then.

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@Vorbis: obviusly I did not play it on hard its not the defult setting.
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@Zenaxzd said:

@Abyssfull said:

British Troy Baker

Wait, what? Explain this further! Like Troy Baker doing a British accent? Because I think I'd pay $60 just to hear that.

Oh yes, he voices Charlie, the snooty wannabe squad leader. Puts on a very faux well spoken English accent. Isn't quite as impressive as Nolan and his masterful mastering of the cockney accent, but it's still pretty neat.

Also I recently noticed on his FB page that Troy Baker types using the Queen's English as well... which weirded me out a little.

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@Abyssfull said:

(British Troy Baker and French Robot)

British Troy Baker and French Robot? This is all you had to say!

I've been keeping up all of the new releases and preordering most of the games that sound interesting to me. Binary Domain was one where I went, "oh, damn! Forgot about this one!" The same with Inversion. That game looks sweet, too.

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I think i played way too much Gears to be able to like this game.

Vanquish is awesome cos it's a different type of 3rd person shooter, but, this feels like bad Gears of War.

I'm only judging it from the demo, but, for what it's worth, i really didn't enjoy it, and almost quit the demo.

The visuals are also very generic, the only thing i think i can get from this game is the story, and even that...

Not bashing it, just my opinion.

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horrible voice acting. horrible music. boring generic TPS shooting. AI teammates that won't shut the fuck up and are annoying as hell. that's what happened.

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