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Surprising good

A little surprising gem to me, I wouldn't have even picked up this game if it wasn't for a quick look on giant bomb. It's not great but it's very enjoyable, there's a lot of influences on show here. Metal Gear Solid series stands out with allusions in the philosophical storyline on genes, memes, AI life etc and definitely in the boss fights. Other allusions to past games were there too but one time where this failed was the 'snowmobile' mission. It seems ever since MW2 a lot of developers feel obliged to include their own versions, this game has a jetski version. It lacks the frentic pace and urgency of the original. Just leave it and find something original of your own, be innovative.

That aside this game is really enjoyable, it's fun, I mentioned the storyline goes a bit deep but it also keeps it relatively cheesy in a fun way (not too serious like MGS). The characters in the co-op aren't annoying in terms of getting in the way or repeating the same phrases all the time (that was sweeet!). There needs to be some work on difficulty, it never really felt like it ramped up as I went along. The robots in the first level were just as easy to defeat as those in the final mission, there were just more than them. Same goes for the co-op team, none of them were in peril on my play through until the final mission. I also was partially disappointed with the graphics, at times they were excellent say when close ups on the faces but little things like the hands were really sloppy and barely good enough for a game released this far into the console cycle.

To sum up, this game is fun. There'll be things that may annoy you but overall this is what I want from a video game. I look forward to the sequel

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