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Bing Bing! Bingo is a bingo- and gambling-focused mini-game collection that allows the player to play four different variations on the conventional game of bingo, as well as three additional mini-games.

The Bingo games include a slot machine, which randomly spits out a random number; a pirate ship cannon, which also spits out a random number but players can narrow it down to a band of numbers (each row is color-coded); Mode-7 skydiving where players can land on the numbers they want with a little skill; and the game's Amidar-themed (the game namedrops the Konami Arcade classic) bingo game features Santa Claus as the game was released a few days before Christmas, and players select a route for him to follow to the bottom of the screen.

The three other mini-games are arm wrestling which requires mashing the button, whack-a-creature with a harisen that uses all four face buttons, and the equestrian sport of horseracing where players can bet money on the outcome of races.

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