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Bino's appearance seems to resemble something close to a monkey, he has a huge head with exaggerated features all of which are supported upon his tiny frame. His distinctive wide grin remains throughout the game.


His purpose is to provide secret bonus points, however as the name implies this is no straightforward task. Bino does appear at regular and scripted intervals, these include the keymaster encounters however he can appear elsewhere. His appearance’s are at times triggered by rather abstract requirements such as in the Wooden Dresser encounter, here he becomes the boss itself after a random amount of time has passed.

Once Bino appears on screen he never puts up any sort of resistance and simply needs to be hit to activate the bonus point which he provides. However since he often shows up during the boss encounters it can sometimes be a challenge to try and successfully locate him, on occasions his reveal will be very brief.
Finding Bino in all of his cameo appearances is a necessary requirement in unlocking all of the secret bonus points however there is no in-game reward for doing so other than a brief acknowledgement, it is strictly for bragging rights.


" The little maintenance guy pops up on stage from time to time, usually when there's a Key Master about. Seems like he's always in the way... "

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