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No Country for Bionic Men 1

Bionic Commando Rearmed was one of my favorite games on Xbox Live Arcade at the time. I had no nostalgia for the original Bionic Commando, and I was mostly apathetic towards sidescrolling games. Still, the mechanics, music and challenge of the game drew me in and I enjoyed it immensely. Most of this is retained in the sequel, but it struggles from being far less memorable. The game takes place a couple of years after the first Rearmed (and apparently...

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It's great! 0

Bionic Commando ReArmed 1&2 are THE best modern-day side-scrollers. If you like Contra, or Gunstar Heroes, or Metal Slug-- basically if you like hitting a giant robot in it's weak-point for massive damage: You should buy these games.  ReArmed 1 had a great enthusiastic 80s buddy cop-movie vibe to it. It was really silly, the swinging was really fluid n fun to get around with, and there were a few good reasons to go back n play it again and again.   ReArmed 2 still has a great dumbass sense o...

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The jumping kids love, the swinging moms approve of 0

The whine, click, and swoosh of the aging Rad Spencer's bionic arm still satisfies. He may have taken on a few wrinkles (and a mustache) since Bionic Commando Rearmed, but Rearmed 2's Spencer still knows how to make the dangerous act of swinging fun as well as effective. Should you find yourself using Spencer's arm to swing back and forth endlessly or jumping between two pivot points as smoothly as the game allows, know that you are not alone. With tighter remapped controls and a greater sense o...

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Bionic Commando Mustached 2 0

2008s Bionic Commando: Rearmed was a pleasant surprise. A high quality remake of the original NES game, with 2.5D visuals, packed with humor and 4th wall breaking. Unfortunately, after next years “Bionic Commando” for Xbox/PS3/PC was met with heavily mixed reviews and low sales, the developer GRIN shut down. Since then some individuals from GRIN (Grin-dividuals) came together to form Fatshark. A few years later and here we are! Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2! Who’da thought we would ever see another...

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Rearmed and Dangerous 0

While growing up, I passed on playing the original Bionic Commando for the NES. Money was tight, there wasn’t as much media covering video games to help us make informed decisions, and I was only three years old. But I had always heard later on just how awesome it was to use a grappling hook to get around and shoot pseudo-Nazis and felt I missed out. Of course, 20 years later I would get my chance when the original Bionic Commando would be remade as a 2.5 D port named Bionic Commando Rearmed ...

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Disappointing 0

After the fantastic "ReArmed", I had hoped for a follow up that had similarly tight level design, interesting bosses, and memorable characters. ReArmed 2 disappointed me in each of those categories.First of all - the levels. Uninspired, sprawling areas with not much in the way to even slow you down. In the original ReArmed, each level felt like a series of puzzles to be solved, requiring careful thought and increasingly masterful use of your grapple to get through. Nothing of the sort in ReArmed...

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