Buraq Boss Help

#1 Posted by Constipator (6 posts) -

So um...I can't kill him.

I grab the rocket launcher and I get really close to him, the only problem is nothing will lock onto him. I've been shooting at him for a good 40 mins now trying to get a way for me to lock onto him but nothing works. I've died a bunch of times and still can't lock on him.

Wtf is this crap, it's pissing me off big time. Anybody with a similar problem? (On the PS3 version btw)

#2 Posted by HawkSE (216 posts) -

Press and hold the fire button. Then after some time there will be Yellow Reticules on the Buraq. Then point at the Yellow Reticles to turn them Red, let go and fire!

#3 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (3906 posts) -

Yep, you have to lock onto all three points.  Flares take out two of your rockets, and the third one will connect.  Don't worry about ammo, as they keep dropping more as the fight goes on.

#4 Posted by Constipator (6 posts) -

That worked! I forgot you had to hold fire.....thanks!

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