I wonder if...

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I wonder if Jeff, and no disrespect to him, liked this game more than he would normally have since it was an old NES rather than a new IP. All reviewers of it, for that matter...

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1) Didn't an admin say no vague topic's on purpose?

2) Lame to bump your threads

Kind of a pointless topic.  Jeff had his opinion and it'd be stupid to try to say what he's thinking.

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It could be because of his nostalgia. Same goes for Punch-Out!! Both these games were before my time, however, both look very interesting. It's a shame that most reviewers were kids in the 80's for this reason.

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Here's a crazy idea, maybe Jeff gave it the score he did because it was a game worth 4 stars?

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Some people might be expecting alot of it because Re-armed was so great. I am, anyway.

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Stephen_Von_Cloud said:
1) Didn't an admin say no vague topic's on purpose?2) Lame to bump your threadsKind of a pointless topic.  Jeff ... [more]
Okay well one, you have no authority to tell me what to do. You are not an admin. And even so, I am not doing anything wrong. What the admin politely asked me to do was for curtosy. I guess I forgot to do it here. And two, how is it bad to bump a topic that has been idle for a while? Maybe I want to see what people think. And three, it is not pointless. It is a discussion. I am not trying to say what he is thinking, I am wondering if he liked it more because it was a Bionic Commando game than a new IP. If you have nothing to say here other than crticise me, then please leave. Kind of a "pointless" post for you, eh?
 As for EpicSteve, thanks for posting a relevant and valuable response.
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Eli said:
Stephen_Von_Cloud said: 1) Didn't an admin say no vague topic's on purpose?2) Lame to bump your threadsKind of a pointless ... [more]
Just trying to make the giantbomb forums readable man.  Not an admin, just would like this to be a good forum for discussion. These kinds of threads bring it down.
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Opinion. He has one.
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Oriental_Jams said:
Opinion. He has one.
You mean me or him?
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not sold on it maybe the ESRB can help with there summaries
This is a shooting action game in which players control a bionically-enhanced commando who battles a massive terrorist force. Players can traverse through a city in ruins and use a variety of firearms (guns, sniper rifles, etc) on enemy units. Weapons such as the hiker/sniper rifle can decapitate soldiers resulting in blood splatter that stains the environment and the player's screen. Frenetic combat is highlighted by screen shakes and realistic sound effects (gunfire, explosions, demolition) which add to the intensity of battle. Strong profanity (e.g., "f*ck" and "sh*t") can be heard in the dialogue.

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