Is Bionic Commando short?

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Because I'm playing through on normal difficulty & it says I'm 48 minutes in & (68%) finished. WTF? Is this really a 2-3hr game?
EDIT: I just r-ewatched Jeff's review & he said 6-8 so I'm evidentally just missing something.

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I had significantly more hours out of the game - and I wasn't trying to get all the collectables. You probably cannot call me a pro player ;o) but I think I have spent 14-15 hours going through the game. Jeff saying 6-8 seems right for someone a little more skilled than me.

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I didn't mind as it wasn't that good

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Wow, this game has some range. lol. I just got to the Mechanical Worm Boss, about how much farther do I have? Anyone wanna guesstimate?

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About an hour and a half. At least, I think that was it for me because I remmeber carrying on from there and completing it much earlier than I expected.

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I don't think so man.  I heard that he's around 6 foot 5 inches.

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Depends on what difficulty you are on.  On easy settings, probably about 6-8 hours.  On Commando, it was double that time starting it for the first time.

Also, Worm Boss is about 70% or so...I believe.

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