My Bionic Commando Review

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Sweet review, just picked it up today and looking forward to playing it.

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Very good review. Very informative. I am on the fence when it comes to buying this game but I might just pick it up and hope that they fix the issues with the multiplayer that you mentioned because the mp does seem pretty good.

#4 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (4287 posts) -

The game is worth picking up, but not for 60 dollars while it's currently broken.   It's reviewing poorly, and I don't think it's selling well, so you might want to wait for a price drop, or for a developer promise to fix the game.  I've also posted quite a bit on the official forums, and anyone with any complaint about the game has been completely ignored so far, so I'm not sure if they'll fix the issues or not.  With that in mind, especially if you care about the multiplayer, there's no way you should pay full price for this game.  

Glad you hear you liked my review, though. :)

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