Release Date?

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I was looking on and it says the xbox 360 version is out 29th of May and the Ps3 version is out 22nd of May. Is this true, and would it have anything to do with the fact that the demo was only released on XBL?

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Well according to GB's Bionic Commando Releases page the games are both coming out on the 22nd. Also Play say they're coming out on the 22nd as well so I think Game may have listed it wrongly.

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I believe the current official UK release date is the 22nd for both platforms.

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Yep, 22nd in UK and 19th in the US.

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SpaceInsomniac said:
"Yep, 22nd in UK and 19th in the US."
This is correct.  Our gaming center is having a launch party on the 22nd, even though the game hits on the 19th.  It's gonna be fucking awesome!!!  If anyone happens to be wanting to do some online multiplayer stuff at the time, hit me up on lansharx54...more than likely.
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Fuck yeah Jakob! let's take four shots of wild turkey before, four shots of wild turkey after (after subsequently purchasing the game), and then fuck shit up online!

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What happened to the PC Version?

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I saw this as well, I think it's a mistake on Game's part

@Homes said:
What happened to the PC Version?
That's coming a little later, i don't think they've put a release date on it yet
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Gamestop's site says 7/29/09. That sucks lol.

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