The best part of Bionic Commando.

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I'm playing Bionic Commando on xbox. This theme is probably the best part of the game and entirely deceptive. I mean the game itself is okay but when it starts like this, with an elegant theme, I wanted to hope that there was more to it than shooting dudes and swinging. I know that's all there was to the original and I'm not asking for the Citizen Kane of videogames but it starts with the foundational theme of a government that cast aside it's soldiers as ugly reminders of their past and, thus far, it's done nothing with it. The storytelling just devovled into a bunch of snarky assholes yelling at each other. Oh well.

Here's a megaupload link for an <a href="">MP3 download of the theme</a>.
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I know exactly how you feel, I always think alot about a games story and Bionic Commando started out great but then it had no story whatsoever until the end 
But it did have fun gameplay and amazing music, and when those two things combined it just got even more awesome

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Does anyone know where I can get the rest of the soundtrack? I loved the action theme.

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