Controller support added to PC! Question about Minerva's Den

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So one of my big issues with Bioshock 2 on the PC was that there was no controller support, and now it's been added in! I much prefer using the Xbox controller for the analogue movement speed, it makes games like this more cinematic as you explore the environments... I lost my save though and have to replay a good chunk of the game.. Would I miss out if I play through Minerva's Den before I finish the main storyline??

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AFAIK Minerva's Den has nothing to do with the main storyline, it is a side story. Also, although they added controller support, my one big complaint about it is that they don't allow you to customize your controls at all.

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It's been a while since I've played it, but as far as I remember Minerva's Den has essentially nothing to do with the main story.

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You can just go straight in to Minerva's. It has very little to do with the main story.

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Woah, thanks for letting us know it now supports a controller! I was shocked to see how I was able to use the GFWL code in Steam and have Bioshock 2 appear in my library. Was more shocked to see I got Minerva's Den for free! Plan on going back now and playing Minerva's Den with a controller.

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Thanks guys, I'll check out Minerva's den next time I boot it up. I never got the hang of shooting and using plasmids with the keyboard and mouse combo, and this is a game worth a second look :)

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