Developer Commentary/Playthroug with Designer/Writer Steve Gaynor

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Last week the Idle Thumbs crew (Telltale's Sean Vanaman and Double Fine's Chris Remo) sat down with old friend Steve "Hot Scoops" Gaynor, who was the designer and writer behind BioShock 2's superb DLC-expansion "Minerva's Den" (Giant Bomb's best DLC of 2010), for their Saturday stream and played through the entirety of Minerva's Den with Steve helming the controls.

There's plenty of inside into the development history, design choices, unofficial narrative ties to System Shock 2 and many more fascinating things to be learned in these two and a half hours.

They did a similar thing a few months ago with JP LeBreton, level designer of Fort Frolic in BioShock 1, who played through a good chunk of the original game. I made a thread about it here:

Both are highly recommended! (set aside a quiet evening or afternoon)

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