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Not all it's cracked up to be

 I am going to review this game in two parts so bear with me.
1) Technical
I had enormous issues installing this game. One minute it would work and then it could no longer find binkw32.dll or it would no longer recognize my Windows Live Gaming account. I can't think of another game I have had to fight with more just to get it running.
2) Gameplay
Ok...on a lot of levels this is a solid game...the story is ok (not nearly as engaging as Bioshock 1)...the guns/fighting are solid...but there is just something's a bit too "rail" shooter for feels like rapture has been done in a way that makes this an unnecessary other words...I couldn't wait to play Mass Effect 2...I play Bioshock 2 in stretches of about ten minutes before I get bored and do something else.
In short...
If you need an FPS fix...LOVED Bioshock 1...have extra cash...go buy it. 
If you are expected a great game, I think (personally) you will be disappointed.


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