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Review--Bioshock 2

I honestly do not know how I feel about Bioshock 2.  Nothing stood out to me as either terrible or great.  The gameplay is definitely an improvement over the last game.  The ability to use weapons and plasmids at the same time streamlines the battles greatly.  The story was in no way memorable.  It was uninteresting for the first 80% of the game.  The ending made up for it slightly but not enough.  The worst part about Bioshock 2 is harvesting with the little sisters.  It makes sense since that is what big daddies are supposed to do, but it does nothing but bring the pace of the game to a grinding halt.  The multiplayer is interesting, but it failed to hold my attention after a few weeks.  Overall, Bioshock 2 is a pretty forgettable game, which is a shame because the first Bioshock was amazing.  If your itching for more Bioshock, then there is still a little fun to be had here, but for everyone else, I'd recommend renting it first.

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