chilipeppersman's BioShock 2 (PC) review

Fun, but not that original

The first Bioshock was a damn good game, ill give it that. It was fun to mess around with the different plasmids and discover what this underwater world of Rapture was all about. Now Bioshock 2 is among us, and takes place ten years after the end of the first game. The good things about BS 2 are that you can dual wield guns and plasmids at the same time, which makes for some really fun experimentation in combat. I hated being limited to a plasmid or a weapon in the first game, and you can tell they listened, because in BS 2 the combo of plasmids/weapons goes very well. The hacking is much more streamlined as well, which takes less time to do and is more enjoyable in the process.  The weapons are a little more fun to shoot, and there are a few new enemies to deal with, like other alpha builds, Big Sisters, and Brutes. The bad news is that the game really should be labeled as an expansion pack, and not a sequel, because the story is not that good(it just doesnt have that many compelling things to keep you going), the visuals are the exact same as in the first game, and the whole game is much more linear in fashion then the first one was. The environments are very detailed which makes it easier to dismiss the out of date engine and linearity of the story.
So what to think of BS 2? Its a good follow up to the first and i would recommend a play through for Bioshock fans, but for everyone else, its not engaging or interesting enough to warrant a full play through. I hope they really make a full fledged sequel out of Bioshock 3...............


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