100+ Things you've learned playing Infinite [Spoilers!]

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Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! it's almost impossible to really discuss BioShock Infinite without bumping into a spoiler, so finish the game before you read/post in this thread.

Anyway, I'll start:

1. Cash Registers are capable of containing pineapples.

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2. There is no ally greater than a mechanical Washington with a chain-gun

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3. Yeah bitch, magnets!

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4- Fucking magnets, how do they work?

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5. Booker would be the world's best NBA player seeing as he can jump 10ft into the air to reach a skyline.

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6. Salt can give you the power to do magic.

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7. Eating food out of trashcans really isn't that big a deal.

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8. Don't sell your children. You might fuck up reality.

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9. Plagiarism is ok, provided you are plagiarising from the future.

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9. Bottles of unknown liquid? Better drink it!

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11. Quantum Mechanics is fucking crazy and for crazy people to study (I already knew this but Bioshock Infinite reinforces that fact)

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12. When encountering a ghost, hide in a corner far away, but so that you can still see him and shoot the ghost in the head, preferably with a sniper rifle. No need to be afraid any longer kids!

13. Once you stop fighting Liz doesn't consider DeWitt worth giving the ammo she was just about to throw to him.

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14. I did not once think about Elizabeth's finger until she brought that shit up.

15. The nose bleeds weren't caused by dirty thoughts. THANKS ANIME!

16. Good thing Dewitt didn't make a move on Elizabeth.

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17. Baptism will lead you to discover multiverse technology and create a floating city in the sky.

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18. Stabbing someone through the neck and into their head is not enough to kill somebody. You have to then twist their head from their body and fling them 20ft to finish them off.

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19. Doing a 30' leap off a skyrail, no problem. Jumping off a balcony, deadly!

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20. Because, Multiverse.

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20. Brooker is related to Kanji (Same voice, uses electric attacks, and bents people).

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21. Birds make great pets.

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22. Being a minority in Columbia sucks!

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23) Every Bioshock game will start with a lighthouse.

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24. If you're in a situation that involves a coin-toss, always pick heads.

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25. that time travel/multiverse is still confusing and is plot hole central

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26. Booker doesn't row.

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27. Booker can play guitar.

28. Elizabeth can sing.

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Some of you guys are going about this thread the wrong way.

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1.girl i'm here to save opens a hole in time space and almost gets hit by a horseless carriage - got nothing to do with the job at hand so whatever.

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29. If your bullets pass through the person you're shooting at, you might want to be concerned.

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