A Look At - BioShock Infinite [1080p]

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Sorry to tell you this, even though I'm not a mod, posting a link to a video without any real discussion quality text is considered spam and the thread will be closed.

Not the place to share your youtube videos.

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@alistercat: Ah, okay, thanks. Just looking for good places to recieve feedback and forums seem to be a good place, plus Giant Bomb just has a great community. Thank you for the info though!

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@theyouthfuls: You could write a blog about it, but just posting videos is against the rules. No rules against videos completely though.

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@alistercat: I might try writing a review on it, I need to practice typing up reviews rather than just doing videos. So I'll start typing them and post a video along with it, is that okay? =)

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@theyouthfuls: I guess so. Giant Bomb does have a review feature for writing reviews. You can embed videos just like you can in a thread, I think, but weirdly nothing for video reviews. Only the official ones.

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@alistercat: Thank you, it may not be a the feedback I asked for but it definitely helps! - Ben

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