A month later: How do you feel about Infinite now?(Spoilers)

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@crusader8463: Who said that when they were making their design docs their decision was "yeah, hot-dogs for health and coffee for mana, that's what we're going with"? For all we know they had other plans that just didn't work out through development and then had to go with this. I mean, even core stuff changed throughout the game development (you go and see the trailers and demos from 2 or 3 years ago and there are clear differences to what you ended up playing). So you can't be as assertive as that when it comes to how the thing worked itself out.

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The same I feel about Bioshock 1... good game but overrated as fuck. 5 years and they couldn't design a good combat system and cenarios. The ending(not the story)... just like Bioshock 1's(two bullshit endings :D) is bullshit.

One does not simply fix multiverse. Get out of here with your comic book level of crap, Lavine.

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Still love it, still think it's incredible. Whenever I find myself listening to the score I start thinking of my experience with it and wanting to play it again. Haters can get stuuuffed.

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It's still the best game I've played since Portal 2. In retrospect, I do think the original Bioshock made the bigger impact and had a better setting and atmosphere, but Bioshock Infinite improved in other ways, particularly the combat and the ending.

Also, I'm still partial to bees. Sorry, crows.

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I don't think this writing team let alone anyone could have created an entire game about "fighting stereotypes and class system!" What would Elizabeth and Booker do beyond "kill them all" to correct the societal flaws that are in the foundation of Columbia?

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I think.... A lot more Booker and Elizabeth rule 34 popped up on the interwebs than I thought.

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The glossy eyes are gone now and I know that hype isn't the reason why I love the game. It's a month later and I still think it's one of the best gaming experiences of this generation.

I'd also like to say that it's easy to say," I think blank could have been done better ", and leave it at that. I've always done it a lot, but as time goes on, I find myself trying to be more content with what I'm given instead of what I want. That's just me though.

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I think it's a fantastic experience when viewed as a whole, but there are plenty of small things about it that really drag it down, be it the way the game decides to abandon narrative cohesion after you go through that first tear or those stupid Lady Comstock fights. I think the ending is ballsy and sort of insane, but I also think it comes out of nowhere. In theory, I still like the first game more, though I'd have to play it again to make sure and I don't think I want to do that.

And now I don't want to talk about Bioshock Infinite until Game of the Year stuff rolls around, even though I know it will be the Mass Effect 3 of this year in that everyone will want to share their opinion.

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Characters were great for the most part. I stopped caring about the setting or the world for the most part after it ceased being about Columbia and more about dimension hopping. It's about there that the plot started unraveling for me as well. And the ending pretty much makes insignificant everything you accomplished in the game, doesn't it?

Oh well, I'll just go ahead and pretend the game was only the first half.

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Cant wait for the DLC.

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I still think it's amazing, and that opinion will only strengthen in time.

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Best game of all time. Money! *coin flip*

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Holy crap it has already been a month.

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My thoughts remain the same.

One of the best games this generation.

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I still think its an incredible game and at this point my opinion has solidified on it.

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I consider it the Game of the Year thus far and one of the gen's best, I've played through it multiple times. It's not perfect, like any game, but I do think it's fantastic.

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It's weird. I beat the game a month ago and I still think about it all the time but the thing is, is that I don't want to play through it again. I'm fine with watching videos and reading forums about it but I also feel like I will probably never play through it again because at the end of the day I didn't really enjoy the combat. I usually dislike talking about game of the year so early but I can't think of a game that I cared about the story nearly as much as this one. So I'm kind of stuck between loving this game to absolute death but not because of the part where you play it.

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You know, now that that the shine was worn off, I thought it was a complete mess.

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I think that it's still the game to beat when it comes to GotY. I actually appreciate it more now than when I first finished it though it has significant issues.

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Still amazing. I like how Colombia was mostly just a distraction from the real story, kinda like in Bioshock. It's a spectacle to hide the slight of hand. But it's also a shame, too. There were great stories to be told about Colombia, if they wanted to go that route. That's what Bioshock 2 was, a story about Rapture itself as opposed to an amazing magic-trick that misdirects you like a boss. There is an argument that can be made that the magic-trick effect is what makes Bioshock what it is. But I want to see a Bioshock 2 for Colombia that explores that place a bit more.

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Played it through twice (Once on 1999 Mode), and I still think it an outstanding game (I never play through games twice). There are things to "nitpick" about the game, so you will have your hipster haters harp on a few of those as they go on their hipster rants, but really, it is a fantastic game (although not perfect). Combat was really fun on harder difficulties, and the skyline addition was just as memorable an addition to a game as the gravity gun in Half-Life 2. Great story, and I loved the ending. Really, how many games have created such a talked-about buzz from its ending? My favorite game of the year, and the most fun I had with a game since Fallout 3.

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I can't help but feel like this game is too similar to the original Bioshock. Columbia is a less realized world than Rapture and nothing in it matches the Big Daddies/Little Sisters. I just can't help but feel the same way i did while playing Bioshock 2 (the mechanics have improved but some luster/magic has been lost).

Bioshock left an impression on me, while Infinite just really wanted to.

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I hate it! worst game ever!! waaaaaah!

Well, actually, I quite love this game to pieces. So awesome.

My favorite game so far this year, and a serious contender for my personal Game of the Year

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It's a fantastic game, certainly top ten best games of the generation calibre. The stuff it does best is absolutely astonishing.

However, I found myself disappointed in a few minute details of the world more than I should have been, and I definitely would say that I enjoyed BioShock more.

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Would there be stuff to nitpick? .... Sure, but overall I still think it's an awesome game.

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It was a really cool experience, and I think it's an important game that I think every gamer should play through at least once. The only other game I think that's created as much discussion about its STORY has been Half Life 2. It leaves you pondering just what really happened and promotes just enough interpretation on YOUR part to piece it altogether, coupled with a few really touching moments to still keep you interested in the now. Some parts were definitely better than others though.

Gameplay was okay.

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Well, I still don't know whether I should feel really good or really bad when I hear God Only Knows.

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it had neat setting and some of the musical presentation was nice but the gameplay and story were poor but the majority seem to think it did something different

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I finished it three times right after each other (the last two times on 1999) and got al 1000 Gamerscore and I absolutely adore it! The only thing I take issue with is fucking Handymen, got damn it they infuriate me but not so much to overshadow all the other incredible things in it.

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I loved Infinite, but the original is still a 100 times better in my opinion.

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I feel the same way as I did: it's a great game, a lot of fun, but they were trying too hard to tunnel into this whole notion that there's some holy grail of untapped narrative potential with interactive storytelling. Games are good at what they're good at, they don't need to equal or top film or literature to be legit. Simply put, the final act of this game was not some mind-blowing exercise in narrative wizardry like some in the press have made it out. I thought it was pretty sloppy and convoluted. It didn't really do anything to bring the characters to life. Just the opposite, in fact. It came off like someone trying too hard to sound brilliant. It got in the way of what character development there was. Some of the twists and turns were neat, very cerebral, but also bereft of meaning and not brilliant enough to justify how hard the game fought to get there.

I'm glad they're trying to do something different. The last thing we need is more franchises turning into croutons from being left out too long, but I'll take the original Bioshock any day.

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I really liked the game overall, it was very satisfying to play and the story had a lot of emotion. I really cared about seeing what would happen to the characters.

I remember a long time ago I was intrigued by that Bioshock 2 teaser trailer, of a little girl standing on a beach, in the sunset, as sandcastles rose, with soft music playing. I was so intrigued by it because it was different from the first Bioshock and hoped there would be some deep meaning to unravel about it but I was dissapointed with Bioshock 2 it was very 'samey'.

Bioshock Infinite finally delivered on that trailer (for me), the wistful moments on the beach and boardwalk and stil wondering what is going to happen. It was very atmospheric without any horror, whch I found was oversused in the original Bioshock to the point it lost effect. (I do love Bioshock though.)

Because they were more sparing with horrific and gruesome findings, it was more hard-hitting when you did see them in Columbia.

I'm glad they got rid of hacking machines!

But, I think Rapture was more interestingly designed that Columbia and felt more like its own character.

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Haven't played it but i want to play a lot less now. Not because of anything i've heard or seen but simply because after the initial hype i remembered i thought the original played like trash. I replayed it and i still think it plays like trash. Everything i've seen of Infinite makes the gameplay more or less the same but maybe a bit better? A bit better isn't gonna cut it, reasonably better isn't gonna cut it either for that matter. It needs to be leaps and bounds better than the original and i'm not seeing it.

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right after I finished it I remember thinking it was pretty good, then while following all of the explanation stuff I looked back on it more fondly and promoted it to a Good Game, but recently i've been playing fire emblem, persona 4 and dragon age and realising that in the grand scheme of things bioshock infinite is only OK. sure the story stuff is presented nicely and the environments are well designed but the gameplay is way too shallow for that game to have had a lasting impression on me. it's fair to say i'm fully bored of shooting dudes now. when it comes to GOTY stuff I don't think it'll even make my top 10, what with a few games that have already come out and all the great ones on the horizon, along with next-gen games potentially factoring in.

with all of that being said, I can totally understand that game getting good reviews and people saying it's one of their favourite games of the generation, if only because of the scale of it all. though I don't think the bioshock series will necessarily stand the test of time as much as something like the mass effect series, or the uncharted series, for example.

#87 Posted by YOU_DIED (702 posts) -

I still think the setting/overall style was brilliant, but the moment to moment gameplay was mediocre. If the shooting had been more satisfying they would have had a real belter. Played all the way through it on hard, probably won't play through it again.

#88 Edited by Levio (1784 posts) -

Definitely a 5 star game. My only big complaint is that the combat has no risk or reward to it; you shoot the enemies until they die, then move on. There's no reward for shooting well, no bonuses for being creative, there are no optional bosses, ammo and health items are basically unlimited, there's no bonus for speed or accuracy, etc. Even dying just costs you some measly $.

The other Bioshock games didn't do this much better, since you were given way too many resources to ever run out, but at least they offered the optional big daddy bosses and some (poorly implemented) research mechanics to give the sense that you had some benefit from playing better or taking more risks.

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Everything up to the ending was near perfect, the ending though kinda ruined the game for me, Elizabeth loses all character she had up to that point and becomes instead an omnipotent being with no care for Booker, and while killing his past self is necessary she did it as if she was flushing her goldfish down the toilet. No emotion whatsoever and that is what really angered me more.

Another thing is that the game act's like getting baptised is the only thing keeping Booker from turning into a racist, god-fearing leader of Columbia. I just don't see how one action can change a person's point of views entirely.

As for gameplay combat was pretty fun, I felt Bioshock was lacking in the gameplay area the most so this was a huge improvement, especially skyhooks that was a really fun idea and it was executed very well. One issue though is that although you see Vigors everywhere in the game, barely anybody actually uses them and the enemies that do use them are treated as special types. Rather in rapture where it seemed the tonics seemed more widely used and actually had a place in the story narrative as well.

EDIT: I should also add the game world was breathtaking at times, and had some absolutely gorgeous scenery. Another gripe though is that the weapon customization options were pretty limited, and had there been more diversity there it would've made the game a lot better. Overall though games fantastic Definite 8.5/10

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I just beat the Original BioShock for the first time last night. Story and Combat in Infinite is better, but BioShock had a lot of cool ideas I forgot about, like the Research Pictures or how Plasmids worked with the environment (puddles and Electroshock, gasoline and Incinerate) .

#91 Posted by GERALTITUDE (3228 posts) -

I really enjoyed my time with the game. The atmosphere and world creation, for a game of that scope, is nigh unparalleled outside the original BioShock. The ending, however, while well done, is simply "not for me". I've never enjoyed grandiose "tie-it-all-together"/revelationary stories honestly, and this one was no different. Like most game's of its ambition Infinite is inspiring a huge amount of nit-picking & philosophizing and while everything people complain about exists in hundreds of other games, it's good that these complaints are happening. Infinite inspires gamers to want more from games, just like BioShock 1. So, yeah, pretty not bad game. :)

#92 Posted by StarvingGamer (8150 posts) -

I just finished watching Day[9]'s playthrough of the game and I'm sitting here with the same dumbfounded, hand-over-the-mouth expression that I had the first time I beat it.

Fuck man, that game.

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Yeah i loved Infinite but I did enjoy the original Bioshock more i feel overall. Still both amazing games though.

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It's still amazing imo. I sat down and beat the game in a weekend, I've only down that with a handful of games. The last being Portal 2.

Most big name popular games, like Mass Effect, Halo, etc. I can understand why someone may not personally like the game. I can not understand why someone would not like this game. It kept the same formula of Bioshock, yet still felt so original and improved upon Bioshock 1's weak gunplay.

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The world of Columbia in the beginning is extraordinary. The story is very engaging to begin with and the characters are great. The second half is boring run then shoot for a few minutes repeated gameplay and the story tries so hard to be shocking yet cohesive and fails at both. Overall, it started amazing and ended about average. Worth experiencing, but overrated. the Wreck-It Ralph of actual gaming if you will.

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I feel, for the most part, that it's over and done with and i'm moving on only to be irritated but the constant conversation of, "it's been awhile, so what do you think of the game NOW". It's the same conversation people had with LA Noire, in retrospect that game wasn't great BUT, as i was playing it it was an interesting experience i enjoyed for the most part.

The "aftermath" sense of criticism just kinda gets under my skin. i don't think they should be looked at in that way.

So really my connection to the game at this point comes more from observing the aftermath of criticism upon it. The game told it story in components and the components i personally took away are; All perspectives of absolution are bad, Man who feels guilt for his heinous acts destroys himself / man who justifies his heinous acts destroys people around him, and dictation through absolution is an inevitability.

Most of the negativity in the conversations seems to dwell in a players need for more superficial detail and the other conversations seem to be serving a big dish of bullshit by the name of "ludonarrative dissonance" at their little intellectual gatherings.

It's a conversation we like to have but not one we're interested in spending our money on.

...man, i'm feeling ranty tonight. I'll just stop here.

#97 Posted by Marcsman (3180 posts) -

Both are great games, but it is real simple.


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