Another game with messed up Saving?

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I was playing today for a while (less than hour) and I have noticed that you can't save whenever you want and game saves only at beginning of new locations (after you choose to leave place). Is it like that during whole game? If the answer is yeas it may be troublesome since locations are quite big and can have side-quests in them.

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I do not think so, because during the game I killed myself by jumping out of the island, and the game just reverse to the point before I jumped, I wonder what will happen if you die during combat.

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Just had a similar issue myself, had just gone through a good portion of an area, decided to restart at checkpoint and bam! back at the start of the entire area =/

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I dont mind that sometimes games want more control over the story. my problem with auto saves is when you go to quit and they start yelling at you for not saving. when the only way to save is to keep playing.

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Playing on PC as well, and the checkpointing seems terrible so far. I turned the game off last night only to be at the start of the area again when I put it back on today, and found out that I was right at the end of it when I quit.

Not having quicksaves means I'm less likely to experiment when playing the game too, because you can potentially lose a lot of progress. (e.g. What happens in this peaceful area if I kill someone instead of walking through?)

This combined with the performance issues, and it seems to be yet another bad PC port from Irrational - though not as bad as the first two games, because it at least has controller support built in and the physics aren't locked to 30fps.

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@00: What kind of performance issues? I haven't really had any so far, the worst thing is it hitched like once for me but that was about it.

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@00: What performance issues are you speaking of? I'm on ultra at 60 fps with a 660 ti. The only time I notice a dip is during in-game loading.

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The game is stuttering really badly on PC - it definitely affects all Nvidia setups (even systems with 680s etc) and seems like it probably affects AMD too.

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The auto saves are somewhat frustrating. Definitely one of the few things to complain about in this game.

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@killacam said:

@00: What performance issues are you speaking of? I'm on ultra at 60 fps with a 660 ti. The only time I notice a dip is during in-game loading.

This is basically the same boat I am in. I'm using a 6970 and the only noticeable stutter is when I am entering a new room or section. Other than that, it has been running extremely smooth.

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The checkpoint system is annoying, but the game does a really good job of letting you know when the last checkpoint happened before you quit out so you shouldn't lose any progress if you're paying any attention.

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Seriously, no manual or quick save on PC? God damn it. They give us the graphical options but they left out the most basic thing PC games should be able to do?

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it's annoying yes, I was on a sky rail, jumped down to continue and the scripting broke and Elizabeth disappeared, the subs for her dialog were there but the character and voice weren't, reloading the checkpoint fixed it but I lost about 45 minutes of work. (note 360 version) hopefully a patch can add quick saving for all platforms.

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okay, turns out everything saves, but the time stamps are entirely out of order. this could be fixed by connecting to xbox live, or manually browsing through the chapters from the "load chapter" option, instead of pressing continue. does this makes sense? browse through all of the chapters instead of hitting continue! your last save IS there, but the time stamps are out of order, precisely why hitting "continue" will take you to an incorrect location. hope this helps anyone else with the same conundrum.

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