Auto save bug? Anyone else?

#1 Posted by ashton (329 posts) -

I had gotten up to the point where I was supposed to go find chen lin's tools last night. Turned it off after an autosave. Woke up this morning and it dropped me all the way back to when you are trying to get into Finkton!!!! Anyone else have an auto save problem? THis is why I always hated the auto save, even in BioShock.

#2 Posted by ar3sger (2 posts) -

i have exactly the same problem... no matter how far i play and how long i play i start exactly at the same checkpoint like you

#3 Posted by ashton (329 posts) -

just started a new game on hard and made good progress only to get restarted way back. so i figured i would just say load game instead of continue and my save game progress isint even on the list of auto saves to choose from!!!!! such BS. I mean I love this game but I just cant handle this shit. soooo frustrating, its a frigging gamble everytime I see it saying auto saving i have no idea whether its safe to quite or not!

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Lost 3 hours tonight was on the final stage and thought I'd finish up later... Now bam all the way back at the port. What in the actual fuck.

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that happen to me so what i did was delete all my saved files except for the furthest level. to delete files go to your system setting and select bioshock infinite from there it will show you all your saved data.

#6 Edited by EXTomar (5029 posts) -

I thought there was something mentioned in the 1.02 patch notes on Chen and of course I can't find that info but there might be a bug in that specific chain of events.

#7 Posted by Vahid (2 posts) -

At last I figured out how to handle this problem. Nothing is to worry about just don't use "Continue" and select "Load" instead and search checkpoints to find the one you want. Checkpoints are all replaced and that's why you're brought to that shitty point.

I had the same problem even with some other games like Crysis 2, The Witcher 1 etc.

#8 Posted by trinitrotolueneX (3 posts) -

okay, turns out everything saves, but the time stamps are entirely out of order. this could be fixed by connecting to xbox live, or manually browsing through the chapters from the "load chapter" option, instead of pressing continue. does this makes sense? browse through all of the chapters instead of hitting continue! your last save IS there, but the time stamps are out of order, precisely why hitting "continue" will take you to an incorrect location. hope this helps anyone else with the same conundrum.

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