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#51 Posted by The_Nubster (2176 posts) -

I think the first post nailed it: it feels like Rapture rendered in Bioshock Infinite, instead of a re-visitation to Rapture. They just could keep their paws off of the core gunplay, and they were too proud of the lack-luster combat of Infinite. Finding a skyhook (air grabber constants and variables blah blah go fuck yourself Elizabeth) was such a huge bummer. the moment I picked it up I was intensely disheartened. Drinkable plasmids, which remove all of the body-horror and nightmare-inducing effects of the needle Plasmids. Audiologs talking about other people seeing tears. Salt containers that are just labeled "Eve." Just... ugh. It didn't feel right to me.

There were also some inconsistencies in Elizabeth's tone. She started as a femme fatale, and then went to a stone-cold bitch, but a lot of her incidental dialogue was still the naive, innocent Elizabeth of Infinite. And the sequence where Old Man Winter is introduced, and she's temporarily reduced to a stammering mess? None of it sat right with me.

The game was at its best when there are no tears present, no skylines (I mean pnuemotubes fuck you Booker), and very little ammo.

#52 Posted by Strafer (15 posts) -

Loved the DLC. Can't wait for Part 2.

#53 Edited by AndrewB (7637 posts) -

It plays off my love for both "universes" in a way that got me hooked on the story element, but I couldn't care less for the gameplay. The opening moments of "walk around to three different places with the last place you look being the correct one" is about the worst a video game can get in the decision-making department, and little is added to the combat (except for making bullets feel even more scarce in the earlier parts - but you can too easily rely on melee, just as you could in Infinite on a moderate difficulty). Regardless of development costs involved, the asking price for the length and content feels like way too much compared to the experiences you could get with other full titles for the same amount.

Won't speak heavily on story spoilers, but that's quite an ending to part one, even if the rest of the story beats were easily deducible.

#54 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4372 posts) -

Great opening but it started to nose dive when the combat reared its head

#55 Posted by afrofools (1348 posts) -

I enjoyed it. I want to play the second part now. Maybe they should have waited till a week before the second part before releasing it though. Limited ammo actually made everything better. The non-violent npc area was also my favourite :)

#56 Edited by Morgeh (1 posts) -

I'm a little late to this party, I finished Infinite, loved it, discussed it to death then put it to one side and moved onto the next game so I missed the release of B@S...

Jump to now... I finished the DLC a couple of nights ago after around 3 hours maybe slightly more play time.

Here there be spoilers...

Having read through a lot of the theories and discusions around why Elizabeth is in Rapture and why Bookerstock even exists post the end of Infinite, I've come up with my own theory.

Elizabeth is shown on the Columbia side of the tear when Anna is decapitated...

Prehaps Elizabeth Prime, with all her infinite spare time after ending the Comstock line, started to wonder if she could change things rather than ending them. Maybe she went to the moment when Comstock original stole her and tried to reason with him so that both versions could live thus resolving the paradox without the need for all versions of Comstock to die.

However her plan backfired and instead she caused this new time line in which Comstock, full of regret, exiled himself to Rapture. She then had to deal with the trauma of watching and/or causing her baby self to be killed which lead to the slightly older darker Elizabeth who eventually, having dealt with her own demons (or prehaps in an attempt to deal with her demons - my guess for Episode 2's plot) followed Bookerstock to Rapture inorder to tie up the loose end she created.

All in all I loved B@S yes the combat was a lot more confined and the ammo a lot more sparce but I just found myself falling back into the Bioshock 1 and 2 habits of scrounging all my pennies together then maxing out the ammo on my favorite weapon each time I passed a Circus of Values.

And yes it was a bit short and I feel for the people who ultimately paid $15 for this but I bought the season pass which I think was well worth the value.

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