Bioshock Infinite (360) for $19.99 on Xbox G.o.D

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Part of a 2K sale Bioshock Infinite is on sale for $19.99. Amazon has the game for $29.99 and Best Buy has it for $39.99. Even used at Gamestop has it for $27.99

Bioshock Infinite $19.99

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This is a good sign for future game sales on the eventual Xbox One marketplace if these types of discounts continue to be a thing.

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That's a decent deal and like @colourful_hippie said I hope that this is a sign of things to come on the Xbox One. I would be interested in learning how well these deals are utilized by customers. I mean we constantly hear from developers how well their games sold through Steam sales and the such, but I've never heard a developer gloat how they made bank on an Xbox Live sale or a PSN sale for that matter. Maybe it is true that most console gamers just aren't familiar with buying digital games to the same extent as PC gamers, not yet at least.

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@isomeri: Before, their "sales" were basically a joke when you compare them to game sales elsewhere. This is the first time I've noticed them have a game on sale and the sale actually being a good one.

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@colourful_hippie: In the past two months they've had games like Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire and both of the recent Batman games available for less than 10 bucks each and right now you can get XCOM and Borderlands 2 at a 50% discount. And PSN+ has continually had similar discounts so there are good deals to be made out there. I still don't know if anyone's buying.

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I love these Games on Demand sales, and picked up Arkham Asylum last week for $10. But one thing that keeps me from buying more is lack of hard drive space... I'm still rocking an original model 360. Hard drive space is a non-issue for me when buying from Steam, so that's been the biggest differentiation in my experience.

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This is a good sign for future game sales on the eventual Xbox One marketplace if these types of discounts continue to be a thing.

Indeed. One of the theoretical advantages of the old Xbox One policies was the thought that they could do "Steam-like" sales. Honestly I didn't think they'd do it but looks like they are going in the right direction. I'd get games on extreme sale on the Xbox One via download.

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