Ellie or Elizabeth?

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Poll: Ellie or Elizabeth? (143 votes)

Ellie (Last of Us) 56%
Elizabeth (Infinite) 44%

Hey guys

So having just finished the Last of Us, I was really struggling which AI lady's compaionship I enjoyed more: Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite or Ellie from Naughty Dog's game. I felt they were both very well written characters with some similar characteristics, but in the end I think I prefer Elizabeth for her non-scripted actions (while Ellie did have some idle animations, which were still a bit repetitive) and the fact that Ellie's AI was often silly (either getting in my way in narrow corridors or running right next to enemies when I was all sneaky). So what do you guys think?

PS. I was a huge fan of Bioshock uno, so I was actually highly skeptical of Infinite being as good as the first one, and I was especially doubtful of Elizabeth working successfully, so let's just say Ken Levine didn't disappoint

#1 Posted by TooWalrus (13255 posts) -

I wish Ellie would toss me coins and shit.

#2 Posted by 49th (2821 posts) -

I think Ellie is a better character overall - I really enjoy the comments she makes and her mannerisms. Though the AI seems a little better for Elizabeth in regards to getting out of the way and not following me down the most narrow corridor.

#3 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2019 posts) -

They're both fantastic, to be honest. Why's one always gotta be better than the other?

#4 Edited by YI_Orange (1170 posts) -

I really really liked both, but if I have to pick, it's Ellie. I preferred the "fuck this shit" attitude, but still seeing the kid in there a little more than I enjoyed Elizabeth's wonderous amazement at the world.

#5 Posted by GunstarRed (5405 posts) -

If Elizabeth threw around a few more "motherfucker"s I'd choose her, but Ellie because she has a sweary mouth.

#6 Posted by PSNgamesun (412 posts) -

Ellie because she reminded me of John Connor in Terminator 2.

#7 Posted by MiniPato (2747 posts) -

I found the relationship between Joel and Ellie way more interesting than the one between Booker and Elizabeth. I feel like them wanting to keep the twist in Bioshock a secret really hindered their ability to write for those two characters. I was actually disappointed with how, for lack of a better word, shallow the interaction between the two were after hearing that that part of the game would be important. I was going into The Last of Us ready to be disappointed because it was yet again, Troy Baker bonding with a female protagonist. But I ended up being really invested in the two. Ellie felt like a more realized character whereas Elizabeth felt like a character manufactured with the idea of being a smart intelligent woman while also being a doe eyed disney princess that you want to protect. I guess what I want to say is that Elizabeth feels like a character written with gender considerations in mind whereas Ellie, and actually all the female characters, just felt like a natural character without really considering gender roles. Also Ellie can hold her own with a bow, knife knows how a shoot a gun and protect herself whereas Elizabeth can warp time and shit and can't even escape from a few guards without Booker's help, that is after she opens random time tears to impede Booker's pursuit.

The Last of Us may also have the advantage of having cutscenes, but I still found the in-game banter between Joel and Ellie to be crucial in building their relationship.

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Elizabeth I just loved running around Columbia with her. The way she was acted made her seem like one of the most human A.I. characters ever even between scripted sequences and cut-scenes too. How she would go and just gaze around environments and interact with other things and in the earlier parts of the game people. Little things like how she can randomly walk up to the cotton candy guy in the arcade and take some was really cool moments that are entirely spontaneous and don't happen every time.

#9 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2341 posts) -

They both do some things better than the other and both have faults. So, both

#10 Posted by BigJeffrey (5150 posts) -

Elizabeth because she had a nice blue dress.

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#12 Posted by Blackout62 (1389 posts) -

They're the same person, Elizabeth is just a version of Ellie formed in a fever dream Joel had when he had that infection in order to deal with issues over the father figure he was becoming for Ellie. All of Bioshock: Infinite was just Joel's subconscious telling him that at a crucial moment he would have to let Ellie sacrifice both of them for the greater good which somehow just make The Last Of Us's ending more tragic. At the same time The Last Of Us is not an alternate universe of Bioshock: Infinite because there isn't a singular city. The Fireflies are the lighthouse though.

#13 Posted by BigJeffrey (5150 posts) -
#14 Posted by FourWude (2261 posts) -

The Last of Us should be called The Book of Ellie.

See what I did there folks. Genius.

#16 Posted by gkhan (478 posts) -

They're both pretty amazing characters, and Ellie's joke-book reading almost makes me want to go for her, but this moment in BioShock Infinite puts Elizabeth over the edge.

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Ellie. I didn't find Elizabeth to be very believable as a character and just a little forced. With Ellie you really feel like you have been on a journey with her where both Joel and her have developed as characters.

That song and dance with the guitar in Infinite just felt so forced, out of place and had little impact on me whereas in the last of us just a small change in Ellie's facial expression could leave a much bigger impact on me.

In Infinite you could tell how much they wanted Elizabeth to be in your vision doing those little environmental things. So much so that she would teleport and just move in unrealistic ways just so she could get to that interactive part of the environment and be the centre of attention for the player. In the last of us I felt that Ellie would move about by herself more independently of the player in a much more believable way.

#18 Posted by EXTomar (4922 posts) -

I'd play a game where Ellie and Elizabeth kill off fungal zombies in a ruined Columbia.

#19 Posted by Saarr_x (6 posts) -

@extomar said:

I'd play a game where Ellie and Elizabeth kill off fungal zombies in a ruined Columbia.

Totally agree!

#20 Edited by Sonmi (21 posts) -

Probably Elizabeth, I just prefer the character design... while Joel's relationship with Ellie is much more personal and developed than the one between Booker and Elizabeth, I feel Elizabeth's sense of wonder and then pain to be emotions that resonate considerably better with my person.

So yeah, Elizabeth.

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