Favorite Moment of the Game. (Spoilers Obviously)

#101 Posted by TurboMan (8247 posts) -

I knew I was in Rapture as soon as I saw a tank full of water. I refused to turn around at first because I was too giddy.

I near fucking shat myself in the warden's office. You know the bit I'm talking about.

Also, this.

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Goddamn I didn't know you could board those other Zepplins. I wish they had made that more clear, I just sent Songbird after them. I loved doing that the one time.

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@seppli: Holy shit I didn't even realize you could do that in that section, and I couldn't agree more about the sky-rails being under used. The previews and marketing made it seem like they would be present in damn near every section of the game.

i just want multiplayer. imagine vigors, rails, and tears in a multiplayer game of capture the flag. holy FUCK that would be next level. it needs to happen .

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I really liked the first combat area with the sky rails, when you are waiting to board the first lady. It totally opened up the options in combat and the way it played out for me was awesome.

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Rapture. That was the scene that kind of made me believe that this game could pull anything off after that.

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My favorite part was probably the song bird introduction. When it rips that statue in half coming after you was pretty cool.

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As a game, it's got to be the fight right after you finally use Shock Jockey to bring the Gondola. Both times I played the game the combat felt fully realized and badass, the sky-lines had you going all over the map and you could really approach that fight from any number of ways.

#108 Posted by JasonR86 (10028 posts) -

Going back to Rapture ranks up there.

#109 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -



God only knows what I'd be without you.

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The raffle scene got me hard when I saw it I wasn't expecting it at all!

The whole meeting to Elizabeth to when she's dancing on the pier, was just perfect in making me really love Elizabeth as a character. Just the animations to the VA and the facial expressions just made me feel so happy but I knew it couldn't last lol.

Also I think one of the "best," or at least most powerful and driving parts of the game, which created so much momentum for me personally, was when the Song Bird takes Elizabeth back to Comstock. Just walking through that area and realizing that she's being tortured and then realizing it's been a very long time that she's been taken, with all the audio logs/ tears making her sound more and more broken as you go through just made we want to get through that level as soon as fucking possible to rescue her. Just perfectly done.

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Honestly one of my favorite moments was going through the beginning and seeing the world. These people are obviously a bit crazy, and over the top with the patriotism and such.

And then the curtain fails at the raffle and shit gets sinister.

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That's very difficult. Aside from a little stuff near the end when the combat started to slog a bit, the game is just filled with so many fantastic moments, many of which have been said. The beginning, the end, the Luteces...

A personal favorite of mine was a combat moment upon arriving in the city that Comstock house is at. I had killed most everyone and had a Handyman down to almost dead, but I was completely out of ammo and cornered. He was getting ready to charge. I notice a tear of a puddle. I have Elizabeth open it, shock it, and that Handyman explodes...

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After you first meet Elizabeth and you're in Battleship Bay. Seeing her dancing and happy and interacting with the world was pretty awesome. It was crazy seeing her comment on everything, grab some cotton candy and finding coins. Then the happiness quickly goes away once she realizes that there is going to be a lot more violence before she's allowed to leave Columbia.

Also when you're in the Fink level and you see the red tear and hear Fortunate Son and then later in the slums you can hear a black woman singing it. That was pretty awesome.

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Mostly the part in between double clicking the desktop icon for the first time and finishing the credits.

F'reals, though, my favorite moment is constantly changing as I recall little bits and pieces. I just cannot stop thinking about this game. Right now, I'd have to say the final few seconds are my favorite. Tomorrow, it might be Songbird's death or the dance sequence.

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@shagge: I feel the same way. I have a pretty big backlog of games and I just couldn't find anything new to play this week after beating Infinite. I wish I could experience it for the first time again. Its very very rare that a game hooks me from start to finish like Infinite did. The first Bioshock didn't even do that for me.

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The guitar!


Games Kizi

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A great moment no-one has mentioned was the scene reveal with the old version of Elizabeth, presenting the Zeppelins bombing of what looked like modern day New York. Columbia was a real place in time, and we are all fucked

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Very difficult to choose out of so many potential favorites. The ending aside, I'll go with the Lady Comstock Memorial (Hall of Heroes). A tragic character that unfortunately seems to get overlooked by many players, reduced to being "that annoying ghost boss".

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The music that plays as the Elizabeths drown Booker. So chilling.

#120 Posted by madmidknight (27 posts) -

1) Realizing who the people in the boat were after ascending over Rapture.

2) Seeing the Songbird in Rapture.

3) Scare in the Warden's Office.

4) New York 1984

5) Vox Alignment Tear

6) Old Elizabeth

7) Beach

8) Airship Battle (Controlling Songbird)

9) C-A-G-E

10) The Baptism connection with Booker and Comcast... I mean Constock.

My Top Ten so far.

(At least in this lighthouse)

#121 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

The whole part from ringing the bells at the lighthouse to almost getting drowned was great. Also Rapture

#122 Posted by bennym6 (480 posts) -

God Only Knows.

#123 Posted by RecSpec (4658 posts) -

The tear where you hear "Fortunate Son." That was when I realized that this game had the potential to get insane, more insane than it was letting on.

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- The very beginning with the lighthouse (original Bioshock feeling came back to me, so well done) and the whole ascension sequence. Fantastic sound effects with the bells, deep horns and the simultaneous voices saying "ascension" which ends in "Hallelujah".

- The moment when you find Elizabeth and realize she's being studied (72 hours quarantine after this point, etc.) and the entire escape sequence with the first Bird Song encounter. When he puts his claws into the statue, man that sound still gives me the chills.

- Rapture

- The entire Sea of Doors ending sequence.

Most of all, this is the first game after Half-Life 2 that made such an impression on me and a few days after ending the game I'm still thinking about the entire adventure and all the revelations at the end.

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My Favorite Moment for me is still the Vox revolution and the Chaos of the revolt during that part also the loud Irish music playing in the background the whole time. (of course until you get betrayed).

#126 Posted by OfficeGamer (1120 posts) -

I had to share this I don't caaaaaaaaaaare

#127 Posted by Nilazz (733 posts) -

When you walk in to that station and everything turns quiet.

#128 Posted by Svenzon (818 posts) -

Near the beginning, I was walking around, exploring. I hear some singing in the background, but I don't really give it much thought. I start to walk past the source and suddenly just stop and think "Wait a fucking minute! Isn't that...". Sure enough, a barbershop quartet singing God Only Knows. From that moment, the game had me.

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This was a game chock full of favorite moments for me.

I think the fact that I'd almost immediately realized the Luteces were the ones who were rowing the boat (figured it out the third encounter with them) is when I knew the game was going to be something beyond what it seemed at its surface.

A lot of little Elizabeth moments, like how her and Booker would just chit-chat.

I'm surprised more people aren't mentioning the opening scenes - I loved when the skies literally started going insane, and then you fly up to Columbia.

Obviously Rapture & the ending were absolutely spectacular as well.

Overall, great game.

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Honestly, the sequence in the credits showing Troy and Courtnee singing and playing the guitar. Just seeing the creative power they generated was a privilege. Felt really bad for Ken when he has to step in and tell them they are 'too professional'(!) and it has to be rougher and not so accomplished for the game!

Game-wise, the ending was pretty great, just an amazing revelatory flow. I didn't even feel cheated that I had already guessed Booker was Comstock. Having been too frightened to play Bioshock (I hate isolated atmospheres), I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting through Infinite without any issues...until that Boy of Silence spooked me bad. However, I was so engaged at that point, the scare wore off almost immediately and I got right back into the business of rescuing Elizabeth.

I think my favourite moment overall though is the point where Elizabeth assumes full control of her powers and has the attitude to go along with it as well; I don't remember the exact words now, but when she opens the full tear to reveal the oncoming tornado and says to Booker 'What exactly are you going to do to stop me, Mr DeWitt?' you get a real sense of someone-fucked-with-the-wrong-crazy-bitch from her, which is a great highlight in her narrative arc.

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@officegamer That's hilarious

Songbirds death and the ending were amazing and have been mentioned a bunch so aside from those I just really liked all the moments with Elizabeth looking at random things in the world. Not mindblowing and obviously just a repeated function of her character so she wouldn't be just standing around but that was a nice touch alway sorta made me smile. Helped make her feel that much more like a real character.

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I finished it last night, and yeah it has to be Rapture. I didn't even walk around because I wanted to keep the momentum going to finish the story but damn if that scene didn't freaking make my jaw drop.

This is my second favourite moment

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I know a lot of people said the Rapture scene, but nobody really commented on the actual death of Songbird. And how when he dies and sinks, behind him in the walkway across from you, you see a little sister mourning over the body of her Big Daddy. I though that was amazing and beautiful. And kinda representative of the relationship between Elizabeth and the Songbird.

Seriously though, this game was just awesome on so many levels.

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I thought the Rapture scene was pointless. I wish it hadn't been in the game. My favorite moment was when I learned what Booker's tattoo meant.

#135 Posted by AlecOfTheWest (293 posts) -

The beginning and the end. Everything in between was pretty lackluster (imo).

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