FInally finished Bioshock Infinite and . . .

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I did NOT see that coming. So my question is, now that I know the ending, are there cues or foreshadowing during the game that give any hints (I can't remember much specifically)? Is it worth a second playthrough? I finished it on hard, so all that is open to me would be 1999 mode.

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Yes, there is tons of little moments in the game that foreshadow the end and are ironic or simply funny when you have that knowledge. If you enjoyed the game enough to want to play it a second time then go for it, however 1999 mode really is tough so maybe if you just want to go through and experience the story and atmosphere again, crank down on a lower difficulty and take your time going through. Damn fine game.

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Which parts did you not see coming?
The Rapture thing seemed incredibly obvious to me; Booker being Comstock was spoiled for me, but it did seem reasonably telegraphed; I definitely didn't see the finger in the portal thing coming.

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The connection with Elizabeth was a given for me.

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1. Don't do 1999 Mode if you want to enjoy the actual story, I tried to go back through it on 1999 mode after beating it on hard, and I wasn't enjoying the story at all, too busy wondering how the hell I was going to kill the handymen when I Could barely do it on Hard. Now i'm on a second run through on medium, and though I'm breezing through the game, it actually allows me to be more patient and look for every bit of clue, foreshadow, connection etc. I actually listen/read the voxophones now lol.

2. I didn't see the connection with Elizabeth to be honest. I mean i knew it was a CONNECTION but did not see the specifics. Also didn't see the Comstock/Booker connection as far as what it was. But that's probably because I didn't listen/read the voxophones the first play through, I didn't think the game was that deep until it started blowing my mind after finding Lin in the prison.

3. The Letuces being the same person would have been obvious to me if I actually paid attention the first run through lol, but my mind for some reason decided to believe they were just one person from the same universe split in two because of a bad experiment.

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In retrospect, there are little bits of foreshadowing throughout ("YOU HEAR ME!? COMSTOCK WASN'T AT WOUNDED KNEE!"), and I understood the ending up to the Booker being Comstock part. How does that work, again?

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@video_game_king Comstock is Booker in another universe where he took the baptism and became a prophet. The letuces experiments left him sterile, so he went to get Anna from Booker who was depressed and in debt (gambling if i'm correct).

I think that's simple enough. ?

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OK, that makes sense. Plus it reconciles the "fuck Booker DeWitt" attitude.

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