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Okay, Bombers. Here's the deal. I recognize a song from BioShock Infinite and I bet one of you people are smart and/or knowledgeable enough to help me out.

Finkton Docks, you remember that? After you first meet a certain revolutionary? There's a scratchy record playing a piano piece and I know I've heard it before. In fact, I think I've heard it in a Muse song before, but I get the feeling that they lifted it from some classic composer as their names aren't anywhere in the credits. Cannot remember for the life of me which Muse song it was though, and I'd prefer not to trawl through 5 albums of music to find a link to another composer with god knows how much work of his own.
Here's a video with the song. The music I'm talking about starts at about 2:20. Any information on what the hell this song is would be amazing:

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Cheers for any help, duders.

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I love the music at Finkton Docks.

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Thank you. It was driving me crazy as well.

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Hah it sounds like Chopin as interpreted by Sun Araw or something. The weird vibe of the in-game version kinda reminds me of Hotline Miami's menu music.

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Did an MP3 of this ever pop up? I'd love one.

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