First 5 min of Infinite's Burial At Sea also STOP with Porn

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Thought this was a cool sneak peak at the DLC. Really cool seeing Rapture before it turned to ruins although i have seen a small glimpse of it before cough cough bioshock 2. Love the big daddy stuff. Cannot wait to play this downloadable content.

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Also in a Reddit Ask Me Anything about the DLC Ken Levine says

HEY YOU, Stop making Elizabeth Porn

that is pretty funny.

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Did he not expect Rule 34 to manifest? Nothing stops rule 34.

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I fuckin love Ken Levine

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Ken Levine is best Levine. I want to nuzzle his beard.

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Dem SFM animators

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She's always someones daughter. Remember that. PS. Ken, your daughter is sexy.

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Let me go look something up.. Brb..

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Please check to see if this type of thing has been posted by a staff member before starting a forum thread about it.


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