Gameplay video now up on Xbox Live

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I think it looks incredibly good. Making it so that the city isn't quite as devolved as Rapture will end up being a good idea I think. Leaves room for a greater variety of situations than you had in the first game where it was basically kill on sight.  And making it so that not everyone will automatically attack you on sight gives off a really tense atmosphere.
 It's going to be a tough wait.
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Will have to check this video out

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when the video makes it online. Could you post it please?. 
 360 RROD :(

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I just watched it, and was very very impressed. No doubt a lot of that was faked, as in choreographed.Still, if the final game is anything like that then I'm on board.
I don't get why they are bothering to give us a full gameplay trailer like that 2 years ahead of release.

#5 Posted by Renocide (20 posts) -

Thanks for letting us know! 
Back to the long freaking wait!

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That might be the most excited I've been for a game after watching a trailer. The 10 minutes flew by. I can't believe how long the wait is going to be.

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Way too staged for my liking.

#9 Posted by Emiel (607 posts) -

Too scripted IMO

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@Emiel said:
" Too scripted IMO "
Yeah. Its great to look at but if you have to react that fast and somehow target people half the level away then I'll be a little surprised.
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I do hope the entirety of the game isn't as scripted as that. It was a fantastic 10 minutes but hopefully it'll have some downtime to go explore the city at your own leisure. Overall, it looks like a BioShock game. All the usual powers seem to be here. Fortunately the drastic change of environment is still making this game one of my most anticipated. Plus I'm so glad we have a protagonist who can speak.

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Sure looks like a BioShock game, still wish they would replace Infinite in the title... unless it has something cool to do with the story that we aren't aware of.

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will have to check it out when i get home from work.

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Of course this is staged. I'm assuming being a year and change out they just want to show off themes/graphic style and the general tone they are going for. I seriously doubt that this is just a section taken from the final product. When it gets closer to release I hope they put out a demo.

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@jclane: Thank you very much this looks great! 
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@Zzzleepy said:
" Sure looks like a BioShock game, still wish they would replace Infinite in the title... unless it has something cool to do with the story that we aren't aware of. "
Apparently "Infinite" does have something important to do with the story.
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I loved the video and cant wait to see more from the game. Just finished watching Jeff's interview with Ken Levine.

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